Ini File Driver

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.NET object class for handling manipulation of Ini Files. This driver supports full read/write operations.



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STDNOJ - Faster tool creation in C++

Develop cross-platform tools faster using a C++ Framework proven in commercial software. Classes support logging, sockets, RFC servers (NNTP, SMTP, POP, HTTP), object indexing, ini, tagged databases, file systems, and more. The STDNOJ Namespace, by R.A. Nagy

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inilib C++ library

inilib is a C++ library which provides a method of saving the quot;statequot; of a program in a human readable format similar to Window's .ini files. inilib provides a means of storing a number of arbitrary settings in memory with an easy access interface, as


A Perl module for reading quot;.INIquot; style configuration files. Provides Object-Oriented and tied hash usage styles.

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Dynagen is a utility for use with the dynamips Cisco router simulator. It allows you to quickly provision and manage virtual networks using an INI like configuration file.


This is a car cost control software, modular thus extensible, platform independent, multilanguage and with different standard data storage (e.g. local SQLite file or MySQL database server), simply configurable by an ini-file.

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INI File parsing libraryManage data from a an INI file format the easy way! Project has been Migrated to Git SVC

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