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The Information Card Authentication Module for CardSpace is an open source module that allows applications using Web Servers (Eg. IIS, PHP/Apache. Ruby/Rails & Java/Apache Tomcat, for hosting or proxy to use Information Cards as an additional authentication mechanism. It allo...



Related Projects

DotNetOpenAuth - OpenID, OAuth, Infocard library for .NET

DotNetOpenAuth provides support for your site visitors to login with their OpenIDs by just dropping an ASP.NET control onto your page. It could be customized, how OpenID will operate on your site. It supports OpenID, OAuth and Infocards authentication. User registration and Signup of your site will be handled by this library. Users having Google, Twitter ID could login in to your site without having to create their own login.


A C# implementation of the OpenID, OAuth and InfoCard protocols

Information Card Ruby

Information card authentication plugin for Ruby on Rails relying parties.


sharpSTS is a C# library for developing Information Card Security Token Servers.

Dotnetopenid - OpenID, OAuth and InfoCard running on .NET

DotNetOpenID is now DotNetOpenAuthWe've moved to This C# library adds OpenID 2.0 Provider and Relying Party, OAuth Consumer and Service Provider, and InfoCard Selector support to your web site both programmatically and through convenient drop-in ASP.NET controls.

Whobar - Website login with multiple identity protocols

Whobar is a technology developed by Sxip Identity that makes it easy for users to register and login to a website using their choice of emerging identity protocols such as InfoCard, i-names, and OpenID. It’s available as an open source module for developers to easily add support of the emerging Identity 2.0 technologies to their site. The benefits of this for users is a common website login experience and for web developers, to streamline their user registration and login process with Identity

Openinfocard - Open Source Information Card Selector and Relyingparty and Security Token Server Java

Here you'll find a variety of building blocks for the Identity Meta System. The project includes: An Identity Selector for Firefox Java Code for building Relying Parties Java Code for building Security Token Services Java to generating Information Cards, and encrypting/decrypting backup files Sample code for the various components A sample relyingparty can be found here: A sample security token server can be found here: More information ca

Mod-auth-infocard - Infocard Authentication Module for Apache HTTPD

This module implements Windows CardSpace authentication support for Apache HTTPD. It acts as a relying party, accepting information cards from the user and verifying them.

Perl-infocard-rp - PERL port of py-self-issued-rp

PERL port of py-self-issues-rp at Please see Manual and TroubleshootingGuide for more information.


Formerly known as DotNetOpenId, this library brings easy and flexible OpenID, OAuth and InfoCard to the .NET platform. Official web site is at, which includes source code downloads.