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Impressive.NET is a self optimizing binary serializer written in C#. The goal is maximum serialization performance and the smallest serialized size possible.



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Zend-cp - Controle de Produção de Camisas Online escrito em Zend Framework (PHP)

ObjetivosO projeto zend-cp tem como primeiro objetivo ser implantado em uma fabrica de abadás, camisetas para adultos, para crianças e camisas baby-look. (Levantamento inicial dos requisitos) Como segundo objetivo, ser um projeto robusto para ser usado por qualquer um que queira usá-lo para controlar a produção de sua fábrica. FuncionalidadesSerá online e terá controle de acesso. As etapas de produção cobertas pelo software: Design (concepção do produto) Fotolito Revelação ImpressÃ

Cp-3110 - This is a project about SCMS

Aosi Li Garments Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City is a creative, design, plate making, presentation, production, customized apparel as one of the professional production company. Mainly produces all kinds of hotels, guest houses, shopping malls, companies, factories, banks, schools, performing arts, business groups uniform (wear, overalls, security services), high-end suit, shirt, promotional clothing, T shirt clothing line. Our garment factory is located in Buji, Shenzhen, Hubei Baofeng industrial ar

Ppss - (Distributed) Parallel Processing Shell Script - parallel processing made easy!

|P|P|S|S| - (Distributed) Parallel Processing Shell ScriptPPSS is a Bash shell script that executes commands, scripts or programs in parallel. It is designed to make full use of current multi-core CPUs. It will detect the number of available CPUs and start a separate job for each CPU core. It will also use hyper threading by default. PPSS can be run on multiple hosts, processing a single group of items, like a cluster. PPSS provides you with examples that will make it obvious how it is used: bas