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A .NET wrapper of perhaps the greatest image manipulation API there is, ImageMagick



Related Projects

Revelation UO Emulator

The Revelation UO Emulator is a free Ultima-Online emulator based on Nox-Wizard. It is designed to be C-user-Friendly for scripting (using smallscript), newbie-friendly for maintenance, and compatible with all requested platforms.

Projectnox - A P2P instant messaging system based on JXTA

本项目的目标是实现一个基于JXTA平�的�时通信系统. 项目全称为Project NoX, 简称NoX. 使用Java语言编写. NoX的最�目标是实现以下功能: 1. ��(收� 文本/图片 消�); 2. 群�; 3. 共享文件; 4. 玩在线游�(比如 中国象棋, 国际象棋 等等). I am a separator In Project NoX an IM system (I call it NoX) will be implemented. NoX is based on JXTA, and will be developed in Java. As a P2P IM system, NoX will make you feel free to do these

Ringingbot - Places a SIP call and hangs up for the selected number of times.

DescriptionAutomatically places calls to any SIP URI (or to any PSTN phone number, if using a VoIP gateway), waits for the call ringing, hangs up and starts over after a random number of seconds. Written as an experiment on controlling a SIP softphone from python. Please use responsibly. RequirementsRequires python and a working installation of linphone console-only client (linphone-nox) and noah's pexpect (python-pexpect).

Makeperfectserver - The Perfect Hosting Server (for Debian based servers)

makeperfectserver (mps) is a shell script to install a Debian server (and Debian based linux's like Ubuntu server). With a simple execution of the main-script it automatically receives the needed information or asks for the unset configuration items. It setups: - ssh, openssh-server, openssh-blacklist, openssh-blacklist-extra (incl. security settings) - vim-nox / vim - ntp & ntpdate - Postfix - Courier - Saslauthd - MySQL (automatic configuration) - rkhunter - chkrootkit - binutils - maildrop -

Ghg-monitoring-and-reporting - Green House Gas Monitoring and Reporting System

Web based system for Green House Gas Monitoring and Reporting. Sistem Monitoring dan Pelaporan Emisi Gas Rumah Kaca berbasis Web. Sistem ini membantu user (perusahaan minyak dan gas) untuk melakukan: 1) Registrasi Sumber Emisi 2) Update Parameter Penentu Emisi 3) Kalkulasi Beban Emisi 4) Membuat Laporan Beban Emisi Parameter Emisi Gas Rumah Kaca yang termasuk dalam perhitungan sistem ini adalah: 1) CO2 2) CH4 3) N2O 4) SOx 5) NOx 6) PM 7) nmVOC Metodologi Perhitungan dan Format Pelaporan yang di

Aurorapax - FPS game based on Nox

FPS game based on Nox. Made in DarkBASIC Pro. Made for a game competition. This is now defunct. :(

Noxserver - Open source alternative Nox server

GPL-based Nox server which uses code from the MaNGOS Project as its base. Goal is to implement a server that is fully compatible with the retail Nox client. Once this is accomplished, steps will be made to implement new features using existing architecture, e.g. MMO-server, etc.

Mashup-nox-freak-flickr-test - flickr-test

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

EQUiNoX web-browser

eQuiNox is an open source web browser that is written completely in Java. eQuiNox is being actively developed with the aim to fully support HTML,XHTML, Javascript and CSS. Visit for more information.