IE Proxy Manager (TrayIcon)

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IEProxy is a easy to use proxy Manager for the Internet Explorer and all depending applications. You can quickly add, delete and change (switch) your proxy settings by using the system tray. Requiements: Windows XP/Vista; .NET 2.0



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Advanced Proxy Manager

A tool to allow the quick change between many different proxy settings. Allows storage and easy retrieval of several different proxy setting configurations for Internet Explorer.

IEProxy (IE Proxy Manager)

IEProxy is an .NET Proxy Manager for the Internet Explorer (IE) and all depending applications. It can handle own proxy servers and switch them on the fly. It is a TrayIcon which can quickly change your proxy settings. Requirements: Windows XP or higher,

Phpsessionmanager - a php class for starting secure sessions.

This project contains the code from this blog post on Carsonified. Updated 9/24/09 UsageStarting the session is a simple call to the "sessionStart" static function. // Creates a basic session.SessionManager::sessionStart('InstallationName');// Creates a session thats ends when the browser closes and is only accessible at'Blog_myBlog', 0, '/myBlog/', '');// Creates a session thats ends when the browser closes and is only accessible at

Temporal-jdbc-proxy - Temporal JDBC proxy

Project overviewTemporal JDBC Proxy allows to keep transactional time and history of data with a two-timestamps solutions. The proxy accepts SQL queries with temporal extensions and rewrites them into standards SQL seemingly for the supported DBMSs. The software assumes a schema which has been temporalized. Temporalizing a schema basically means adding the needed information to keep history of data, namely the timestamps, also appends tend column to all primary keys. This implementation is based


This little utility software written in 2.0, allows you to : - switch IE proxy, - manage IP, - launch website, - launch other utilty tools , - launch and manage cmd, bat, vbs script. - and much more ..... First I wrote this tool for my personal use, because I work w...

Socksviahttp - Socks via HTTP is a program converting SOCKS requests into HTTP requests and tunnelli

Socks via HTTP is a program converting SOCKS requests into HTTP requests and tunnelling them through HTTP proxies if needed.The SOCKS protocol allows programs to traverse firewalls on any port number and is used by many popular programs, like Napster, MSN Messenger, CRT(telnet client) and many others. Many companies restrict firewall traversals only to HTTP requests, disabling SOCKS proxy. Socks via HTTP provides a miniature SOCKS server for the SOCKS client, performing its connection through an

Erltunnel - ErlTunnel is an HTTP tunnel client and server written in Erlang for tunneling TCP connec

An HTTP tunnel allows client applications to establish a virtual TCP connection to a remote server when directly connecting the server is not allowed due to a restrictive firewall. Access from clients behind the firewall to servers located on the internet is often controlled by an intermediate web proxy which permits or denies outgoing connections depending on a set of individually defined access rules. Squid, for example, is a widely used web proxy with fine-grained control of which remote host

Mathgrid - Simple javascript web page that displays a grid of math problems.

Snareworks MathGridThe Snareworks MathGrid is a simple javascript application that displays a grid of math problems to a user. The number of rows (and columns), the starting value for both row and column, and whether to use addition, subtraction, or multiplication (division doesn't lend itself easily to a grid). The application selects a square in the grid at random and asks the user the question. Sounds are played for correct and incorrect answers. I created this application for my kids. I have

Php-tools-for-groupwise - Web based management interface for Groupwise using SOAP api.

php Tools for Groupwise, aka. PTG, provides a basic web interface to some Groupwise management tasks that are normally not easily handled by the native admin tools provided with Groupwise. PTG uses the Groupwise SOAP interface, and the Trusted Application API to a allow Groupwise administrators or helpdesk personnel access to among others: proxy settings (view, add, delete, modify) junkmail junk/block/trust entries (view, delete, add, move) rules (view, delete) client settings (view, modify) mod

Broadway-monitor - Project Broadway is an extensible and customizable monitoring framework.

Project BroadwayProject Broadway is an extensible and customizable monitoring API. Broadway lets developers easily create monitor components to observe pre-defined conditions and specify how to react when these conditions are encountered. At its core, Broadway lets developers separate the monitoring concerns from the observed resources. It has a flexible design, which allows it to work in any context where JavaBean-style getter property values can be read either directly through in-VM method inv