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A .NET component for communication with Hattrick.org using Hattrick's CHPP XML interface! Project was started by Pedro Lamas (You can find him on his web site @ [url:www.pedrolamas.com|http://www.pedrolamas.com]!). As of november 2009, Stefan Kamphuis continued Pedro's work.




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Hattrick Organizer

Helper Tool for online-manager Hattrick (www.hattrick.org) Please visit https://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/ho1/ or our CHPP forum at Hattrick for more information and support. If you have any bug reports or feature requests, feel free to open a ticket in the tracker (https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/ho1/)


HTLS is an Hattrick live match viewer, based on the old Livefox.

Hattrickgadget - Hattrick Gadget

Hattrick Gadget is a free team and match Viewer for Windows Sidebar. It can be run on Windows Seven , Vista Sidebar, or on the modded Sidebar for Windows XP that can be easily found on the Internet! 15 languages available !

Argentracker - Argentine NT Players Tracker for Hattrick / Seguidor de jugadores de selección para

Argentracker is a Java/Groovy CHPP client that acts as a database of Hattrick players that matches some of the NT Filtering Criteria. Any HT user can login into argentracker using its loginname and securitycode, and doing it its players will be scanned and filtered with the active NT User (and probably his scouts). When a player is matched, th it is registered and from this point is tracked by the app NT Coach and its scouts. Initially, argentracker will be developed using Java, groovy, maven, a

Hattrickfriendlydatabase - The complete web resource for your Hattrick friendly matches

Hattrick Friendly Database project The goal of Hattrick Friendly Database project is simple: create a database of all your friendly matches. Going to the Hattrick Friendly Database official website and simply entering your loginname and the security code used on Hattrick, you will be able to download from www.hattrick.org all data of your friendly matches played. These data will be stored in a database for consultation in form of charts (ranking) by any user; these data (rankings) can be called

Abh - Abacus Pro Hattrick

An Organizer for www.hattrick.org based on eclipse rcp framework.