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Traveltracker - Travel Tracker is a web based Java application to store and render GPX data files.

Travel Tracker is a web based java application to store and render GPS tracks. Additionally some blogging functionality shall be provided in the future.

Gps-logger - GPS data logging midlet with extra features for Java MIDP2 Phones with Bluetooth and/or

GPS data logging midlet with extra features for Java MIDP2 Phones that support JSR-82 (Bluetooth API), JSR-75 (Filesystem access) and JSR-179 (Location API).

Travel-blog-android - Travel Blog for Android

Travel Blog is a FREE, open-sourced, advert-free, Android application. It is a manual travel logger perfect for any traveller. It can: Log your location from GPS, Wifi or cell-id (tells you how accurate the fix is). GPS turns off automatically after 15 seconds, or if it finds a GPS fix - a battery saver! Attach a name and description with current timestamp. Log multiple trips. Edit or delete old posts. Save as KML file to SD card: KML file can then be Sent via email, or anything else you have in

Itmtogpx - Converts any *.itm file of GPS Photo Tagger to a *.gpx file.

Converts any .itm file of GPS Photo Tagger to a .gpx file. With processing multiple files at the same time it makes exporting out of GPS Photo Tagger much easier. You can use the .gpx file for other programs supporting gpx. Not supported are: Pictures. Only the gps data will be exported (If you use a gps tracker like Travel Honey etc) Used Libraries: "Simple C# Wrapper for SQLite" (from codeproject) using ADO.NET Data Provider for SQLite (click here) SharpZipLib (click here) DanielLibrary (My ow

Pytopo - Python mapping software -- view and explore maps offline

PyTopo is a collection of Python programs for viewing, exploring and integrating local map data of various sorts, including tiled topographic maps, GPS track logs and others. PyTopo is primarily intended for offline map viewing, so you can view maps while you're traveling and away from network access. The collection also includes scripts for visualizing other map-related information, such as elevation profiles from a GPS track log.

Courselog - CourseLog is a free GPS mapping application for mobile users, using calibrated maps

CourseLog is using a GPS connected to your device to show your position on a map and log your position or drive you to waypoints. It uses the EWE java machine, portable to Windows Mobile 5/6. Keywords : GPS : Any device providing NMEA data on com port. Map : The application uses tiled maps which are a set of bitmaps calibrated in lat,long that are presented together on the screen. Log : CourseLog shows your track on the map and records your position in a file. You can convert it to GPX or KML. W

Gpxplot - Visualize elevation or velocity profile of GPS track

This script can plot profiles of GPX tracks or prepare plot data for external tools. Two types of profiles are currently supported: velocity and elevation (altitude) as a function of time or distance travelled. Multi-segment (non-continuous) GPS tracks are supported. Normally, gpxplot reads GPX track and evaluates distance and velocity data. It can print data in tabular form suitable for plotting by external plotting tools. It can also plot trip profile directly using gnuplot (see options -g and

Qibla GPS

Assalamu Alaikum, This is a GPS Qibla finder application that I wrote. It works by showing you the direction of the Qibla from your current position relative to the direction of your travel, or relative to the direction of North. i.e. relative to the direction of travel in c...

Beagle-phone-locator - Rings your phone from your beagleboard when you can't find your phone

Can't find your phone? Don't have a friend to ask to call you when you lose your phone? Don't have a landline to call yourself? Use Beagle Phone Locator to ring your own phone! Beagle Phone Locator Project Helps You Locate Your Misplaced Phone Goals of BeaglePhone projectRings user's cellphone to help the user to locate the phone if the user has misplaced it. Who might be interested in this projectAnyone who has misplaced their phone, whether it has fallen between the cracks of the couch or lost