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The intent of this project is to share some common functionalities that I have came across in multiple projects. Some of the tasks include working with paths, XML and Json (mostly serialization), Http, REST helper, fluent PI for building URL's and sending mails.



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Engineeringsuite - Program for solving non-linear equation systems.

eSuiteProgram for solving non-linear, and linear, equation systems in which you write the equations and the program solves them numerically. It includes a data base with thermodynamical properties and also a symbolic engine. Basically the program is an open source clone of the EES but written in Java and open source. 100% FREE award granted by Softpedia Open source and multiplatform equation solverThe purpose of this project

Session-scala - Session types for Scala

Welcome! session-scala is an extension of the Scala programming language, containing: A small library for parallel/distributed programming, with syntax similar to Scala Actors, currently supporting shared-memory and AMQP communication. A compiler plugin that checks processes against an associated multiparty session type, written using the Scribble specification language. Multiparty session types are global descriptions of a communication protocol between several participants. Here's a simple ses

Bioseqlib - Bioseqlib is small library in C++ for bioinformatics applications.

BioseqlibVictor E. Bazterra Center for High Performance Computing University of Utah (2005) DescriptionBioseqlib is small library in C++ for bioinformatics applications developted at Center for High Performance Computing University of Utah. Originally, it was built as a part of a bigger project providing basics algorithms like memory management, sequence manipulation and dynamic programming. Since then, the library has grown little more including binary tree operations and some algorithms for ca

Archivefs - An archival and backup file system for Linux using FUSE.

AboutArchiveFS is a FUSE file system used for archiving and backup. Its primary function is to ensure that multiple copies of a file are only represented as a single file. The representation of the file system is intentionally kept simple and consists just of a single SQLite3 database file and table (which can be dumped into a text file), together with a directory full of files. The file system is not intended for general purpose computing, but mostly for copying data in and out. It seems to be

Ffbot - FFBot: IM-bot

FFbot alphaПред�тавл�ю Вам �вою поделку под названием FFbot. Это jabber- и ICQ-бот, поддерживающий разные плагины (a.k.a. протоколы). �а �той �транице будет актуальна� дл� по�ледней вер�ии документаци�. Обща� информаци�FFBot: IM-бот, поддерживающий разные протоколы (в каче�тве модулей) Copyright (

Aspnet-course - ASP.NET 2.0 - HUE APTECH CENTER

ASP.NET 2.0Demo application: 1. Analysis, Design, Implement, Testing and Deploying a CP200907L's web applicationPractical evalution: 1. Assignment: 30%2. The examination: 70% Theory 4Objectives: 1.\tExplain HTML Controls2.\tExplore the various Validation Controls 3.\tExplain Code behind4.\tImplement Code behind5. Create User Control6. Using User ControlExample: 1. Wiki -> Theory42. Download -> WebSite3.rarDemo: 1. Website CP200907L: Interface Design Lab 3Part 1: 1. Do all excersice on Session 6,

Crystalamp - Windows Audio Player using Direct3D and bass, with custom playlist.

Screenshots Featuresnew in version 1.04 (16 July 2010) font sizes (playlist and others) whole view loading/saving (window postion, size, visualization etc.) voice print visualization type version 1.02\t(1 March 2010) supported audio formats: WAV,FLAC,OGG,MP3,MP2,MPC,APE,WV,WMA global Hot Keys via Windows Hook large Visualization (fft/oscilloscope) using Pixel Shader 2.0 song Rating (-3..+5, can be saved in filename), visible as symbol and background in one line rating Filtering in playlist (hide

Extension-test-framework - Let you test your Firefox/Thunderbird extension from inside the applicati

DescriptionLet you test your Firefox/Thunderbird extension from inside the application and with command line with Rhino. How does it workVery simple, you could run it under Rhino JavaScript Shell or under Mozilla application from inside your extension code. Show me examplefile testExample.js function make() { return {\tlog:"Log",\tfiles: [1, 2, "3"] };}test.example = function() { assert.that(make(), is.eqJson({\tlog:"Log",\tfiles:[1, 2, 3]}));};produce following log testExample.js: example: Asse

Armware - This is an ARM emulator

For more information, please see the "Wiki" page.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FeatureFor the Serial Console You can input commands in the serial console. For the emulated environment ARMware now can emulate the ARM architecture version 4 Instruction Set. Add a dynamic compiler. Add a threaded code optimization technology. Brief IntroductionARMware, like VMware or Bochs, is an emulator for a hardware platform. Opposite to the x86 plat