Glass - Transparent Cmd/Powershell Windows

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A simple application to allow you to add transparency to your cmd and powershell windows.



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Jmask - An image masking tool

JMask is a clone of the windows application GMask. JMask is written in Java relying on zero third-party libraries or plugins, making it highly portable for more operating systems than Windows (as GMask is limited to currently). The original masking procedural code has been ported to Java from a gimp plugin which was released under the GPLv2 license. Supported operations are: CP Mask, FL Mask, Q0 Mask, Horizontal Flip, Vertical Flip, Horizontal Glass, Vertical Glass, Meko- Mask, Meko+ Mask, Negat

Codenametaw - My First Public Team Fortress 2 Map.

CP_AfterDusk Map type: 5 CP Progress: b2c - final release (until I ever get back to mapping) Status: Done. Creator: ForgottenCake SteamID: TF2Maps: Change Log Beta 2c: - Several small fixes. Mostly non-visual. - Fixed beeing able to see inside the bases from the roof of the small houses. Middle CP - Added small health packs on the logs - Removed the medium heath pack under the CP - Changed th