Fusion Game Engine

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A 2d-focused game engine and toolset designed for use with XNA and Silverlight.




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Astir - Astronomic Image Rendering

ASTronomic Image RenderingA new release is coming, everything was rebuilded (with a new kernel) (French section below) Astir is an interactive shell which gives couple of functions of image processing and image rendering. Functions are specially design to enhance astronomic images from pictures or videos. Purpose of this project is to give powerful functions to any amateur astronomers. The blueprint of Astir is to design complete feature of mosaicing, super-resolution, filtering, analysis, etc.

Syncnshare - Synchronize your data and share it with your peers

Client-based synchronization software with possibility to share folders with project-partners. This program runs in the client and does not require any software to be installed in the server. Client computers need to be able to mount (share) a server folder. For example, in Windows the server folder may appear as drive Z: , while in Mac OS the server folder may appear as directory /Volumes/server Calling syntax Sync'n'share is execute within command line like this: Mac example: ./syncnshare myma