Adobe Flash Samples

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There i put all my flash projects - Games,Effekts,Annimations.



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Nm3401-1702-a1 - Fruition Science Proteus Pill

Team Awesome TeamFruition Science Proteus PillFeaturing G.U.I.D.E. (Generally understanding intelligent digital escort)NM3401/CP3003 Assignment 1Welcome to Fruition Science’s Custom Proteus Pill Personality Enhancing Supplement Creation System. Here at Fruition Science, we want you to enjoy your Custom Proteus Pill Personality Enhancing Supplement Creation experience, so we have made this experience to be tailored to your personality enhancement needs.

Yii-analogue-clock-widget - A flash-llike analogue clock widget for yii application

How to make a skeleton application having a clock widgetGet the files under the trunk of the google code repository using svn. $ svn checkout <yii-analogue-clock-widget>Create a skeleton application using yiic. $ cd <yii-demo-directory>$ ../framework/yiic webapp <app-name>Copy image files and php files to the skeleton application. $ cp <yii-analogue-clock-widget>/analogue-clock-*.png <app-name>/images/$ cp <yii-analogue-clock-widget>/Clo

Cp3003-g18-11 - Dream: Your Ultimate Virtual Online Shopping Experience

Is your life boring…? Are you stressed…? Do you toil at work day-in day-out with minimum return for your efforts…? Is there too much reality in your life…? Do you Dream for something more…? Well Dream no longer… The No-Namers endeavors to deliver to our audiences the ultimate virtual online shopping experience sure to capture your every “Dream.�#11;#11; Our extensive product range offers a diversity of Dream packages stretching from your perfectly indulgent holidays, right through to a

Cp3003ttg - Table-top Games

Flash application for table-top games

Cp3046petstore - This is pet shop system.

这是一个宠物店系统,系统有PHP,my sql等语言组�。 系统包括很多功能,譬如:店主&用户的登录,店主销售窗�,店内货�的进货&剩余查询,店内产�月销售�记录,用户个人资料修改,用户购买记录查询,以�用户其他�务查询等等。 本系统有强大的数�库支撑,并实时与客户进行交�。 This is a pet system supported by PHP, my sql and other languages component. System includes many features, suc