Graphic filters in WPF

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Perlio-via-preparecp - PerlIO filter for CP-1251 encoding

PerlIO::via::PrepareCP1251 is a PerlIO layer filter to prepare unicode stream to be encoded in cp1251 codepage.

Listfunc4j - Operating with Java collections in functional style

Unfortunately, java 1.6 does not provide opportunities for functional programming. Also, there are no opportunities for simple expansion of the language. However, we can use other methods for implementing the elements of functional programming in java. The following code shows an example of using the library listfunc4j. @Test public void testForEach() throws Exception { List < Long > myList = Arrays.asList(0L, 1L, 2L, 3L); final int x = 100; forEach(myList) .add(new Lambda<Long, Integer>() {{ _

Astir - Astronomic Image Rendering

ASTronomic Image RenderingA new release is coming, everything was rebuilded (with a new kernel) (French section below) Astir is an interactive shell which gives couple of functions of image processing and image rendering. Functions are specially design to enhance astronomic images from pictures or videos. Purpose of this project is to give powerful functions to any amateur astronomers. The blueprint of Astir is to design complete feature of mosaicing, super-resolution, filtering, analysis, etc.

Cerebra - a portable engine for abstract neural network development via natural-language programming

introCerebra is an engine for developing artificial logic networks and processing them using rules given by natural language. Employing bleeding-edge research in quantum logic (see e.g. this paper ), and optimized using mesh refinement within the spectral Julia set representing chaotic dynamics, it calculates probabilities of a massive field, rather than of single elements, subsequently applying an eigenstate method to interpret abstract, stropped compositions of grammatical elements given a use

Qam-ofdm - This function can be used to simulate the BER performance of 64-QAM OFDM in Rayleigh fadi

This function can be used to simulate the BER performance of 64-QAM OFDM in Rayleigh fading. The FFT length is set to 128 (the lowest in LTE) and cyclic prefix length is set to 32. We use a 7-tap filter to simulate a time-varying frequency-selective channel. The filter length, FFT length and CP length can be easily changed. The FFT and IFFT operations are normalized so as to maintain the signal to noise ratio. There is also a penalty for the extra energy transmitted in the CP. For more informati

As3filters - Variety of filters for image processing

Variety of filters for image processing. Snapshot DEMOYou need to enable the camera to run this demo. If you don't have a camera then see following snapshot. InstallYou need to check out and link as3filters.swc to your program. % svn checkout as3filters% cp as3filters/bin/as3filters.swc /path/to/your-projectLink as3filters.swc to your programe. You can link the as3filters when you use Flex is as follows: % cat

Xstandard-for-wordpress - A drop-in plugin that integrates XStandard WYSIWYG Editor into WordPress

Contributors: iroybotDonate link: wysiwyg, authoring, editor, edit, rich editor, rich text editor, rich formatting, text formatting, css,valid, xhtml, html, tiny, replacement, backend, admin panel, admin cp, xml, xslXStandard Version included: at least: 2.7.1Tested up to: 2.7.1Trunk Version: 0.5Stable Version: -DescriptionIntegrates XStandard Editor into WordPress. XStandard is a standards-compliant, flexible and highly customizable WYSIWY

Crystalamp - Windows Audio Player using Direct3D and bass, with custom playlist.

Screenshots Featuresnew in version 1.04 (16 July 2010) font sizes (playlist and others) whole view loading/saving (window postion, size, visualization etc.) voice print visualization type version 1.02\t(1 March 2010) supported audio formats: WAV,FLAC,OGG,MP3,MP2,MPC,APE,WV,WMA global Hot Keys via Windows Hook large Visualization (fft/oscilloscope) using Pixel Shader 2.0 song Rating (-3..+5, can be saved in filename), visible as symbol and background in one line rating Filtering in playlist (hide

Wepbuster - Automated WEP cracking and word list generator for WPA brute force attack

WEPBuster 1.0if something's insecure in your wifihood... This small utility was written for information security professional toaid in conducting Wireless Security Assessment. The script executes various programs included in the aircrack-ng suite - a set of tools for auditing wireless networks, in order to obtain the WEP encryption key ofa wireless access point. WEPBuster also has a wordlist generator which can be used in creating "dictionary" files for WPA Pre-Shared Keycracking and for other r

Alpha3 - Alphanumeric shellcode encoder

#_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________# # ,sSSs,,s, ,sSSSs, : ALPHA3 - Alphanumeric shellcode encoder. # dS" Y$P" YS" ,SY : # iS' dY ssS" : Copyright (C) 2003-2010 by SkyLined. # YS, dSb SP, ;SP : <> # `"YSS'"S' "YSSSY" : #_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________# ALPHA3 is