Fix soft File Splitter

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Fix soft File Splitter is a free file splitter and merger.It can split a file into specified number of blocks or at specified unit size, so they can be easily attached to an email, or stored in a removable device.It can merge files,too.It developed by VB.Net and WPF.



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Simple Text Splitter

A very simple text splitter that can split text based files (txt, log, srt etc.) into smaller chunks.

File Splitter

Fast file splitter. Splits files using a window or from a command Line. Tested with more than 4 Gbs file sizes. Written in c#. Requires .NET Framework 2.0

Audiobook Maker

Audiobook joiner and converter for Mac OS X. This application is a perfect companion for your IPod. The program will join MP3 files into an audio book format (M4B).

TextWedge Text File Splitter

TextWedge is a text-file splitter with an editor interface, or a text editor with a file splitting interface. It provides a number of splitting criteria: byte count, line count, hits on search terms, and the lines where the values of sort keys change.

Fix soft Aero Form

An complete Aero Glass Form that support Aero Color,Aero Events,Aero Glow,Aero Enabled,Aero Glass Enabled and more.It can show black texts and with ShowLabel method you can convert your old Label to New Labels that they support Aero!

Fix soft HyperAero Form

Fix soft Aero Form (HyperAero Edition) works on both xp and Win7 and supports Customizable Animation Effects (On showing and closing form),Gradient Support (Multicolor Gradient Background,Gradient Editor Control),Power Functions (Shutdown,etc with Timer support) ,Aero Glass ...


Full Featured Vista Aero Glass Window Text Editor.

Gtkfilesplitter - A simple file splitter/joiner written in Python, Glade and PyGTK

Versión en español About GtkFileSplitterGtkFileSplitter is a simple desktop application made to split files in smaller pieces, and to join file pieces to form the original files; its similar to other programs such as Hacha (Axe) or HJSplit. Thanks to volunteers, it has language support for Czech, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Swedish. It requires Python, GTK and Glade, which come with default install on several Linux distros (ie. Ubuntu), but can even


A simple file splitter/joiner written in Tcl/Tk. It can currently only be used to join previously-split files such as those downloaded from newsgroups with .001 .002 etc... extensions, but unlike many splitters, the user can opt to skip missing files.


AeroForms allows you to apply the Aero effect across the entire window of your .NET WPF application using this open source C# DLL and a single line of code.

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