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Some .NET examples.




Related Projects

Remotecp - TrackMania dedicated server manager / webinterface

What is remoteCP?remoteCP is a TrackMania dedicated server manager, it helps maintaining your maps, players, server settings and many other things. Please note that remoteCP-4 wont support the old Trackmania Original and Trackmania Sunrise Servers! You should use remoteCP-3 for this servers, the supported feature-set is nearly completed. Important information for remoteCP-4 usersIt is possible to open and read all XML Files (in some case also .bat and .sh) in any webbrowser, by directly calling

Gsutil - A command line tool for interacting with cloud storage services

gsutil allows you to store, share and manage data hosted at cloud-based storage providers. It provides a simple Unix shell command-like syntax, operating over buckets and objects named with a URIs and wildcards. For example, the following command will retrieve all of the objects in the top-level directory of the bucket "gs://mybucket", and store them in ./local_directory: gsutil cp gs://mybucket/* local_directory At present gsutil works with Google Storage for Developers and Amazon's Simple Stor

Engineeringsuite - Program for solving non-linear equation systems.

eSuiteProgram for solving non-linear, and linear, equation systems in which you write the equations and the program solves them numerically. It includes a data base with thermodynamical properties and also a symbolic engine. Basically the program is an open source clone of the EES but written in Java and open source. 100% FREE award granted by Softpedia http://www.softpedia.com/progClean/Engineering-Suite-Clean-187045.html Open source and multiplatform equation solverThe purpose of this project

Php-google-translator - a google translator wrote by PHP.

installdownload zip file, and extract it. wget http://code.google.com/p/php-google-translator/downloads/detail?name=php-google-translator.zipunzip the file you downloaded gunzip php-google-translator.zipcopy the file to /usr/local/bin. sudo cp ./translator.php /usr/local/binchange the file mode to executable sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/translator.phpmodify your shell setting (if you are using bashrc) vim ~/.bashrcadd this line to your bashrc file. alias translate='/usr/local/bin/translator.php'

Ming-search - ming - handy fulltext indexing

my ever princess, ming Heart And SoulMing, a handy fulltext indexing engine implemented in pure python. With only 1 module file and no 3rd party API dependencies. Support fields, highlighting, probability, and so on... This will be your handy tool for your amazing minds. Newsversion 0.2 (Optimized Index Storage (chose bsddb) & many changes) will release soon! Examples(more info can be found at http://code.google.com/p/ming-search/wiki/QuickStart)from ming import *m=Ming()m.open('ram')doc0=['the'

Simple-cassandra-monitoring - Simple http service to request data about a cassandra node

Only for 0.7.x at the momentBased on previous work from smeet, it allows easy cassandra monitoring from tools like zabbix, which doesn't have a native jmx agent. It's a bit rough, but it does the job. Usage:Run in your cassandra node using as classpath the lib folder from cassandra and the monitor jar. For example, if you have cassandra in /usr/local/apache-cassandra-0.7.4you should run it like this java -cp "/usr/local/apache-cassandra-0.7.4/lib/*":simple-cassandra-monitoring-1.0.jar com.google

Xml-test - A diff-like tool for XML

Checks that an XML document is included in another document. It is handy when testing an application output against a document where element order is different (GData and Atom specs are examples of specifications where element order is unimportant). It has a relaxed notion of containment: element order is ignored. whitespace is trimmed. comments are ignored. specific elements can be ignored by passing XPath-like paths on the command line. text nodes (element and attribute content) can be ignored

Echo-nest-java-api - A Java API for the Echo Nest web services

This is a Java API and assorted tools and helpers for the Echo Nest API (at developer.echonest.com). Note - for a version of the API that works with Version 4 of the Java API see jEN-api Table of Contents The Echo Nest API OverviewGetting StartedCode ExamplesRunning the examples The Echo Nest API OverviewThe Echo Nest API is divided into two sets of methods: Artist methods and track methods. Artist MethodsSome of the Echo Nest artist capabilities: get a list of the hottest artists search for art

Jyield - Java continuations support similar to c# yield coroutines

jyield aims to provide java continuations support similar to c# yield coroutines. The methods annotated with @Continuable are transformed in runtime or optionally in compile time. FeaturesGenerators Continuations Chaining continuations Execution state serialization support Try catch blocks support Synchronized blocks support Code sampleSample.java import jyield.Continuable;import jyield.Yield;public class Sample { @Continuable public static Iterable<Integer> power(int number, int exponent) { int

Listfunc4j - Operating with Java collections in functional style

Unfortunately, java 1.6 does not provide opportunities for functional programming. Also, there are no opportunities for simple expansion of the language. However, we can use other methods for implementing the elements of functional programming in java. The following code shows an example of using the library listfunc4j. @Test public void testForEach() throws Exception { List < Long > myList = Arrays.asList(0L, 1L, 2L, 3L); final int x = 100; forEach(myList) .add(new Lambda<Long, Integer>() {{ _