IBM Tivoli Monitoring - Notification Portal

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This tool will extend IBM Tivoli Monitoring and NetCool OMNIBUS to manage delivery of emails, pages and SMS messages. It will handle two way communication and should be open for use with other systems management tools. 3rd Party Tools Required: nSoftware IPWorks V8 (www.ns...



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LDAP Directory Server Monitoring tool with focus on 389 DS / Red Hat / Sun / Oracle ODSEE and Open LDAP. IBM Tivoli and Novell eDirectory. Other Directory Services are also supprted.


OpenSMART, the Open (System|Source) Monitoring And Reporting Tool, is a Open Source System Monitoring Software to monitor problems on your servers and to report some important data about your servers. It is somehow similar to Tivoli or OpenView.

cw-omnibus - Source code to omnibus edition of _The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development_

Source code to omnibus edition of _The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development_


A lightweight OpenSource tool for Asset Management, Software Deployment, Remote Control and Network Monitoring, on Windows and Linux systems. Similar to Tivoli, SMS or Unicenter, having an advantage in performance, convenience, cost and requirements.

Groovy4netcool - Working with IBM Netcool Omnibus server using groovy scripting language and JDBC

IBM (Micromuse) Netcool Omnibus is an event management tool. Omnibus is a proprietary in-memory database and however it leverages Sybase client libraries for communications, therefore it is possible to access to the data stored in relational database tables through JDBC. The objective of the project is to develop a solution that enables working with the events and other data stored in the Netcool Omnibus server using a scripting language. Groovy4Netcool is: a platform independent solution (works

Jycool - Jython playing nice with Netcool

Netcool (that is "IBM/Tivoli Micromuse Netcool Omnibus") is an event management system. Jython is a clean, dynamic scripting language that runs on the Java virtual machine. It is an implementation of Python, a popular programming language with many admirers. jycool lets you connect to Netcool (object servers) from Jython.

GOmnilist for Netcool

Gomnilist is an open-source Gnome/GTK+ based event-list for Netcool/OMNIbus.


Library for embedded real-time Digital Signal Processing / Digital Image Processing algorithms, XDAIS compliant.

Maximobackoffice - Open Source IBM Maximo® Asset Management Back Office

AboutBack office which allows the execution of taks that usually are required to be performed in the server where IBM Maximo® is installed, via a web application. Maximo® and Tivoli® are registered trademarks of IBM. Any feedback, suggestion, questions, comments, issues and even criticisms is welcome. NewsCheck the latest news on the News page. openmaximo.netPlease visit this project's official website at 3rd party adds