EV Dashboard

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EV Dashboard is Windows CE 5.0 and Windows Mobile app to monitor and manage Electric Vehicle operation.




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Bmsafe - BMSafe is a multi-chemistry open source battery management system (BMS) designed for safety

BMSafe is a multi-chemistry open source battery management system (BMS) designed for safety critical systems like EVs. It uses a master/slave topology, communicating via a high speed CAN link. PCBs are designed in Eagle, code is written in C, IDE used is CodeWarrior, and ICs are Freescale and Linear. Documentation is in French, but will be translated soon. Originally developed at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. Contact us, if you are interested by the product! Features: 4-10 cell/slave 10


An open database of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure worldwide. Charger locations, capabilities, and status are stored for use in a suite of mapping and trip planning tools provided by the project and third party providers.

Chargecar - Applications for chargecar.org

ChargeCar is dedicated to open, community-centered teamwork for making electric vehicles practical and affordable enough to revolutionize urban commuting.

bingo chat

This is a modular chat system for bingo eV. (http://www.bingo-ev.de). It is inspired by irc and many others. You can chat via web frontend, console frontend or any other (like dedicated clients). All help apriciated.

Evchargesites - Editable Map of Electric Vehicle Charge Sites

Google App Engine web-app that displays an editable Google Map of known EV charger/outlet locations that have been stored in a database. The page can be viewed at: http://evchargesites.appspot.com


A library and reference application for viewing and analysing raster and vector geospatial data.


Multiplatform C++ libraries. 1. xmt: Portable programming interface to build MultiThreaded (MT) applications or libraries; 2. sockios: interface to sockets (C++ IO streams); 3. StEM: finite state machine/communication framework (communication with ev

Evcalculator - EV Calculator for Android

Calculates various electric vehicle functions: Range, Battery Capacity, Voltage Sag, Energy Density, Power Density, Power consumption, Efficiency, etc.

Evemanager - EvE-Online Multi tool

Build in Eclipse RCP EvEManager will be platform independence tool, to help EvE-Online players.