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this is the Entity project.




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Autocomplete-server - AJAX autocomplete server and java library

OverviewA Java library supporting the server side for AJAX autocomplete. This project can be integrated in two ways: Standalone server : A standalone autocomplete HTTP server providing JSON / REST AJAX autocomplete functionality for any language. Java library : A jar providing Autocomplete datastructures that can be easily integrated into an existing Java projects. The library is build around an autocomplete tree that supports prefix queries on entities. Information about entities are stored in

Ejb3-maven - EJB3-Maven is a quick start J2EE project helping you with your initial EJB3 scaffolding

EJB3-MavenThis is a sample project generating all the artifacts to get you started quickly with your initial J2EE scaffolding. Driving force for EJB3-Maven is that building J2EE project should be extremely simple, straightforward and should hide all the J2EE JAR dependencies. It consist of three sub-projects: roussev-war - This is web archive project featuring a Servlet accessing ejb stateless DAO bean. roussev-ejb - contains all the business domain EJB3 classes and tests. It features a sample J

Rdbms-cp20091110 - RDBMS - PhucAn

RDBMS Review Sesion1 1.\tNetwork data model allows a child to have more than one parent. (C) 2.\tA relation database is a database structured on the relation model (B) 3.\tData Control Language (DCL) is used to administer permissions on the databases and database objects. (D) 4.\tIn the relation model terminology, a row is called a tuple, a column an attribute and the table is called a relation. (B) 5.\tA Relational Database Management System can be defined as a collection of related records and

Core-xml - corexml for students

This is website that allow students learning XML and disscutl! At the end of this course, students will be able to: Outline the features of markup languages and list their drawbacks. Outline the features of markup languages and list their drawbacks. Define and describe XML. State the benefits and scope of XML. Describe the structure of an XML document. Explain the lifecycle of an XML document. State the functions of editors for XML and list the popularly used editors. State the functions of pars