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The goal of the Encryption project is to provide solid, high quality functionality that aims at taking the complexity out of using the System.Security.Cryptography namespace. The first pass of this library provides a very strong password encryption system. It uses variable...




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Sacct - Smart Account Management

In the Payment Card Industry (PCI), security is always a major concern. A lot of enterprise applications have application passwords hard-coded in configuration files, which are not allowed by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Smart Account Management (SAcct) is a light-weight Security Framework to ease your pain of removing the account passwords from application configuration files. The SAcct server reads in the account information from a secured soft token and acts as

Clickquest - The source code for the game ClickQuest (www.clickquest.net)

Every piece of source code for the game, save for passwords. PATCH NOTES 1.0 Base release buggy slow not really meant to be heavily used Added Admin CP can mess with clicks, ban, promote to admin, set color, etc Tried to limit hacking Click throttling (Hagios Nerf) massive banning nerfs everywhere Added statistical data stats.php -> Leaderboard colorwheel.php -> All possible variations mobile.php -> Non-Working mobile version, discontinued level.php -> The clicks required for each level, and how

Freeze-messenger - A PHP/MySQL instant messenger.

SummaryFreezeMessenger is an advance PHP+AJAX messenger. It is currently under development, and this page will be updated once the stable has been released. Release ScheduleNote: With school and other issues, I decided to take a brief break on this project. I have no idea when it will be finished, but for now its just going to be something I'll toy around with every once and a while. If you're interested in the current progress, send me an email (it helps motivate my stubborn little brain!), but

Cp3047group13 - Image files packing and encryption & decryption system

The object of the software production is orient to an online game production company which hopefully could hide the promotional videos in the screen after the game was passed. The scope of the software application is abroad in the industry. However, it would be the same with all of users who want to encrypt their own videos or flash in the screen as well. Project Members : LiKexun0517729899 GengWei0517724718 WangZaocun0517726485 WangPanjun WangYuWei

Cp212project - SecureSend

This is a final project for CP 212 Introduction to programming with Visual Basic at Wilfrid Laurier University. Topic: Secure File Transfer Client for Registered Users - SecureSend Description of problem: Design a program to easily and securely transfer files between users. Requirements: The requirements to complete this task include: A web file server Cryptographic technology Database server Description of solution: This is a secure file transfer client program for registered users who have an

Libfenc - The Functional Encryption Library

libfenc is an extensible library implementing several functional encryption schemes. Functional encryption is a new class of encryption that includes Attribute-Based and Identity-based encryption. At present the library implements a few ABE schemes such as the Lewko-Sahai-Waters scheme from IEEE S&P (Oakland) 2010 and the Waters Ciphertext-policy scheme from 2008. The current version of the library uses some code from John Bethencourt's CP-ABE library. The library is currently in a pre-release d

Seriousbackup - Serious backup (for Win32 and other platforms)

This project is to provide a multi-use backup script for data and specific programs which is easily modifiable for many uses. The first application is Subversion on Win32, but this can be extended to SQL servers and other applications and platforms. This project exists (in the light of the plethora of scripts already available on the web) is that many are quite basic or too specific. Many won't work on Win32, arguably the most limited command shell in wide use. A 'nix verson will follow, but it

Wepbuster - Automated WEP cracking and word list generator for WPA brute force attack

WEPBuster 1.0if something's insecure in your wifihood... This small utility was written for information security professional toaid in conducting Wireless Security Assessment. The script executes various programs included in the aircrack-ng suite - a set of tools for auditing wireless networks, in order to obtain the WEP encryption key ofa wireless access point. WEPBuster also has a wordlist generator which can be used in creating "dictionary" files for WPA Pre-Shared Keycracking and for other r

Yang-li-spaghetti-hacks-archive - Misc Hacks Archive

Here are some of Yang’s latest spaghetti hacks. Nothing is really new indeed. Feel free to reuse/recycle at your wish. Happy new year J Index\tScript Name\tFunction Description\tVersion\tYear 1\tBAT.zip BAT.pl - Batch Cisco Audit Tool. A driver script version 0.1. Batch script to drive CIS Router Audit Tool (RAT) on multiple Cisco devices in one shot. This batch script depends on 'RAT' audit tool and audit s file. Audit rule file 'cisco-pix/local.conf' - could be created by 'ncat_config' comma


LSB Encrypt/Decrypt for CpE462 final project