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This application basically provides a professional audit compliant archiving system with storage service.



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Remotecp - TrackMania dedicated server manager / webinterface

What is remoteCP?remoteCP is a TrackMania dedicated server manager, it helps maintaining your maps, players, server settings and many other things. Please note that remoteCP-4 wont support the old Trackmania Original and Trackmania Sunrise Servers! You should use remoteCP-3 for this servers, the supported feature-set is nearly completed. Important information for remoteCP-4 usersIt is possible to open and read all XML Files (in some case also .bat and .sh) in any webbrowser, by directly calling

Ming-search - ming - handy fulltext indexing

my ever princess, ming Heart And SoulMing, a handy fulltext indexing engine implemented in pure python. With only 1 module file and no 3rd party API dependencies. Support fields, highlighting, probability, and so on... This will be your handy tool for your amazing minds. Newsversion 0.2 (Optimized Index Storage (chose bsddb) & many changes) will release soon! Examples(more info can be found at ming import *m=Ming()'ram')doc0=['the'

Opengltemplates - Wizards for qt-creator related to OpenGL

OpenGL Wizards for the Qt Creator IDE. (And no, Qt is NOT a dependency) How to useGrab a download (from this page on the right side, or the left side...depending on google's mood), say foo.tar.bz2 Uncompress it somewhere, tar xvfj foo.tar.bz2 A 'foo' directory should have been created. Copy that directory to where Qt Creator needs it, cp -R foo location Start Qt Creator, and have fun :) location???Ok, here's what the docs say

Scalaserver - scala httpd server, written in scala.

1. IntroductionRecently, I am learning scala, I am very interested in its actor libarary. Actor is a very powerful method to handle concurrent connections. And I want to write a simple httpd server using actors. Currently, It only serves static pages. I wrote this in 435 lines of scala code, including comments. It supass lighttpd by a much faster responsive speed, really amazing. 2.Usage:$ scala -cp httpd.jar -Dscala.port=8000 -Dscala.htdocs=/path/doc com.ropzsu.scalaWeb.htt

Airbaseproject - basic Adobe AIR new project structure, with some nice percs

This is just a copyable project directory structure with some handy reference files, and some javascript libraries. It assumes you will be using jQuery. included: license directory with webloc file: ! base CSS typography and general settings documentation: AIR for JS Dev's — Pocket Guide.pdf webloc for Adobe AIR Language Reference for HTML Developers webloc for ! webloc for javascript basics: ! web

Cp1300a2 - A2 for CP1300, 2010SP2

Assignment Two Tasks and Marking SchemeTasksLiteracy and NumeracyGenerate javadoc webpages from your code. All public methods and constants must be documented. [-1] per omission. ... / 5 Critical Thinking and Problem SolvingUsing GUI: Display available commands. 1. Set Number of horizontal lanes (H-street) [min 1, default=2, max 3] 2. Set Number of vertical lanes (V-street) [min 1, default=2, max 4] 3. Set Probability of a car entering H-street [min 0, default=0.5, max 1] 4. Set Probability of a

Session-scala - Session types for Scala

Welcome! session-scala is an extension of the Scala programming language, containing: A small library for parallel/distributed programming, with syntax similar to Scala Actors, currently supporting shared-memory and AMQP communication. A compiler plugin that checks processes against an associated multiparty session type, written using the Scribble specification language. Multiparty session types are global descriptions of a communication protocol between several participants. Here's a simple ses

Libfetion-php - libfetion库的PHP扩展

在php语言中对libfetion库的�装 ( php 扩展形� ) 目�已�完�的接�目�已�完�的接�列表 接�的使用实例�步接���短信给自己<?php// file sendself.php// �始化if (false === fx_init()) die("init err");// 登陆飞信if (!fs_login("你的飞信id或者手机��", "飞信密�")) die("login err");// ��消�给自己if (!fs_send_sms_to_self("从libfetion-php��的消�")) die("send err");// 登出飞信fx_loginout();// cleanupfx_term

Inferno-re2 - Inferno driver to link re2 library

Re2 is Limbo module for OS Inferno, which provide access to regular expression library re2. It's implemented as Inferno driver in C, so you'll need to rebuild Inferno to install it. Also this project contain C++ library re2wrap, required to call C++ library re2 from C. Version 1.0.0 support most of re2 features (but API is different). Unsupported: custom regexp options, custom regexp/text encodings, auto-converting matched substrings into non-string types (like int), named capturing groups. In v


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