Silverlight Dialogs

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Silverlight resizable and draggable dialogs.



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Linloglayout - Graph clustering and force-directed graph layout

OverviewLinLogLayout is a simple program for computing graph layouts (positions of graph nodes in two- or three-dimensional space) and graph clusterings. It reads a graph from a file, computes a layout and a clustering, writes the layout and the clustering to a file, and displays them in a dialog. LinLogLayout can be used to identify groups of densely connected nodes in graphs, like communities of friends or collaborators in social networks, related documents in hyperlink structures (e.g. web gr

Searchgui - graphical user interface for proteomics identification search engines

SearchGUINews What is SearchGUI? Download Using SearchGUI In Other Tools From the Command Line Database Help User Defined Modifications Result Analysis Troubleshooting SearchGUI Publication: Vaudel et al: Proteomics 2011;11(5):996-9. If you use SearchGUI as part of a paper, please include the reference above. PeptideShaker: To visualize and analyze the search results we recommend the use of PeptideShaker. OMMSA Parser and X!Tandem Parser: For developer access to the search results we recommend t

Rtgui - Web based front-end for "rTorrent" - the Linux command line BitTorrent client

rtGui - A web based front-end for rTorrentrtGui is a web based front end for rTorrent - the Linux command line BitTorrent client. It's written in PHP and uses XML-RPC to communicate with the rTorrent client. For more information on rTorrent, see the home page: FeaturesList all torrent downloads or by started/stopped/complete/incomplete/seeding status. Ajax-style refresh information without reloading page. Sort view by any of the displayed columns. View detailed tor

Pivotal-tracker-mylyn-connector - Mylyn Connector for Pivotal Tracker Project Management System

This is an eclipse plug-in that allows one to manage the stories in a Pivotal Tracker page on the public website. It allows one to edit the stories, reorder them, manage attachments, attach/retrieve Mylyn context, and optionally do branching and switching based on the story ID. Basic SetupCreate an account at Edit your Pivotal Tracker Profile, and generate an API Token Create one or more projects in Pivotal Tracker Install this Eclipse Plugin (Add Update Site, using the UR

Webtalk-project - Chat with other people browsing the same web site as you

Web TalkThis is a web application that allows you to chat with other people browsing the same web site as you. It consists of Firefox extension as the client front end and a Java based web service as the backend. I did this project as part of my course work at University of San Francisco. Please see this project report in PDF to download or print. 1. Getting StartedThis section gives the step-by-step guide to getting started and also describes the user manual for using the application. Installat

Manshow - win32 version gvim with several customization

TOC AboutFeaturesNon-Mono FontBalloon with Correct Chinese CharactersUseful ToolsInterfacesX Pixmaps (XPM)VesionScreenshotsfonts & bolloonUNIX UtilitiesAlpha WindowXPMSignsMusic Player_ vimrc AboutThis is a win32 version gvim compiled from the latest source including several features. FeaturesNon-Mono Font\tset guifont=Monaco:h10.75:cANSI\tset gfw=Microsoft_YaHei:h11\t" or set guifontwide=YouYuan:h11:cGB2312Balloon with Correct Chinese Characters\tif has('win32')\t\tif &encoding == "utf-8"\t\t\t