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DataTypes tries to make it easier for developers to have concrete typesafe objects for working with many common forms of data. Many times these data objects are just doubles or ints floating through your code with abbreviations on them describing what they represent.



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Django-on-twisted - Small set of script for running Django on the twisted.web2 framework.

This is DOT(Django On Twisted)Normally, django runs on Apache web server as production server or runserver feature in django for development, but under Apache, it takes too much time to (re)start and is difficult to combine other python-based network applications, like pydirector for load-balancing, so I use this script for running django on Twisted.web2 framework. The DOT is the derived work of jnoetzelman's work in Django development trac. RequirementPython 2.5(or later) twisted framework 2.5(