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Cp3047-minkewhale - Minke Whale Research

Web based solution for collection of Minke Whale Research data.

Gaviota-probe-dotnet - Code to access 5 man Gaviota EGTB's in c#

C# port of the Gaviota end game table base probing code by. Alpha level quality, only supports compressed cp4 tables. All 5 man tables are supported. Get EGTB data files from

Coplandppc - Xubuntu-based distribution aimed at PowerPC Mac users

Copland is a new Linux distribution for PowerPC Macintosh computers, aiming to give a free, powerful desktop operating system to Apple's discontinued computers. Copland is currently the only community-based distribution exclusively for PowerPC. The first version 'Community Preview' of Copland is out now with a subset of the features that a current/former Mac user would need. Yes, you read correctly!Copland Community Preview is ready for download!

Engineeringsuite - Program for solving non-linear equation systems.

eSuiteProgram for solving non-linear, and linear, equation systems in which you write the equations and the program solves them numerically. It includes a data base with thermodynamical properties and also a symbolic engine. Basically the program is an open source clone of the EES but written in Java and open source. 100% FREE award granted by Softpedia Open source and multiplatform equation solverThe purpose of this project

Gsutil - A command line tool for interacting with cloud storage services

gsutil allows you to store, share and manage data hosted at cloud-based storage providers. It provides a simple Unix shell command-like syntax, operating over buckets and objects named with a URIs and wildcards. For example, the following command will retrieve all of the objects in the top-level directory of the bucket "gs://mybucket", and store them in ./local_directory: gsutil cp gs://mybucket/* local_directory At present gsutil works with Google Storage for Developers and Amazon's Simple Stor

Jbzip2 - A Java bzip2 library

jbzip2 is a Java bzip2 compression/decompression library. It can be used as a replacement for the Apache CBZip2InputStream / CBZip2OutputStream classes News13/10/2011 jbzip2-0.9.1 is now available. This release fixes numerous bugs in both compression and decompression 25/05/2011 jbzip2-0.9 is now available FeaturesA decompressor that is typically 5% to 10% faster than CBZip2InputStream A compressor of broadly comparable speed to CBZip2OutputStream (slightly slower in some cases, rather faster in

Opengltemplates - Wizards for qt-creator related to OpenGL

OpenGL Wizards for the Qt Creator IDE. (And no, Qt is NOT a dependency) How to useGrab a download (from this page on the right side, or the left side...depending on google's mood), say foo.tar.bz2 Uncompress it somewhere, tar xvfj foo.tar.bz2 A 'foo' directory should have been created. Copy that directory to where Qt Creator needs it, cp -R foo location Start Qt Creator, and have fun :) location???Ok, here's what the docs say

Clickquest - The source code for the game ClickQuest (

Every piece of source code for the game, save for passwords. PATCH NOTES 1.0 Base release buggy slow not really meant to be heavily used Added Admin CP can mess with clicks, ban, promote to admin, set color, etc Tried to limit hacking Click throttling (Hagios Nerf) massive banning nerfs everywhere Added statistical data stats.php -> Leaderboard colorwheel.php -> All possible variations mobile.php -> Non-Working mobile version, discontinued level.php -> The clicks required for each level, and how

Nmrglue - A module for working with NMR data in Python

What is nmrglue?nmrglue is a module for working with NMR data in Python. When used with the Numpy, Scipy, and matplotlib packages nmrglue provides a robust interpreted environment for processing, analysing, and inspecting NMR data. What can nmrglue do?nmrglue has the ability to read, write and convert between a number of common NMR file formats including Varian, Bruker, NMRPipe, and Sparky files. The files, which are represented in python as dictionaries of spectral parameters and Numpy array ob

Simple-cassandra-monitoring - Simple http service to request data about a cassandra node

Only for 0.7.x at the momentBased on previous work from smeet, it allows easy cassandra monitoring from tools like zabbix, which doesn't have a native jmx agent. It's a bit rough, but it does the job. Usage:Run in your cassandra node using as classpath the lib folder from cassandra and the monitor jar. For example, if you have cassandra in /usr/local/apache-cassandra-0.7.4you should run it like this java -cp "/usr/local/apache-cassandra-0.7.4/lib/*":simple-cassandra-monitoring-1.0.jar

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