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Rainbowdash - RainbowDashboard Advanced Firmware for Rainbowduino

RainbowDashboard is a third-party firmware for the Rainbowduino by Seeed Studio. Among its features: Clean, maintainable code base. Compatible with standard firmware from Rainbowduino 2.0. Supports UART mode (no Arduino host needed - talk to Rainbowduino directly). Works with both Rainbowduino 2.0 and Rainbowduino 3.0. Double-buffered graphics operations. Software real-time clock. Animation driven by the Rainbowduino itself. Full Windows ANSI (CP1252) character set. (Technically Kreative SuperLa

dashEE - Fully customizable alternate ExpressionEngine CP dashboard.

Fully customizable alternate ExpressionEngine CP dashboard.

telemetry-server - Server for the Mozilla Telemetry project

[Project Wiki][3] for more information.See the [TODO list](TODO.md) for some outstanding tasks.Storage Format-----------------See [StorageFormat][1] for details.On-disk Storage Structure----------------------------See [StorageLayout][2] for details.Data Converter-----------------1. Use [RevisionCache](telemetry/revision_cache.py) to load the correct Histograms.json for a given payload 1. Use `revision` if possible 2. Fall back to `appUpdateChannel` and `appBuildID` or `appVersion` as neede