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This is the web project based on Silverlight and WCF which provides the possibility of establishing sound- and video-connection between users directly on the web-page (in the Silverlight container). It's developed in C#.



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Koalacloud - KOALA Cloud Manager

KOALA (Karlsruhe Open Application (for) cLoud Administration) is a software service, designed to help you working with your Amazon Web Services (AWS) compatible cloud services and infrastructures (IaaS). The Amazon AWS public cloud and private cloud services based on Eucalyptus, Nimbus or OpenNebula are supported. The storage services Google Storage and Host Europe Cloud Storage can be used with KOALA too KOALA helps interacting with cloud services that implement the APIs of Elastic Compute Clou

Hip-tools - Tools for browsing Russian Orthodox service texts, implemented in HIP standart.

Ру��ка� вер�и�Hip-tools - набор ин�трументов дл� работы � бого�лужебными тек�тами Ру��кой Право�лавной Церкви. В на�то�щее врем� имеет�� библиотека тек�тов в �тандарте HIP (опи�ание ниже), и ин�трументы: индек� и пои�к. Библиотека �оздана на базе архивов, до�тупных на Б

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Dec 11, 2010 Last login was Thursday July 23, 2009 7:54 - 8:02 pm Following info is from 2009...working on updates for 2011 as we speak... - Who's brining the wine for 2009!!! Skylines...pie lines...Obama is here Obama is here and those sky little...women are about to lose two in a row and drop out of the playoff race right before allstar break. All set up for power move though, whatever they want in LA for CP, then whatever they want for Sudney, Catherine, Janel in NY!!! Like cool and easy/Hot

Dimreduction - Interactive Graphic Environment for Dimensionality Reduction

IntroductionFeature selection is a pattern recognition approach to choose important variables according to some criteria in order to distinguish or explain certain phenomena (i.e., for dimensionality reduction). There are many genomic and proteomic applications that rely on feature selection to answer questions such as selecting signature genes which are informative about some biological state, e.g., normal tissues and several types of cancer; or inferring a prediction network among elements suc

Veil-viro-umn - veil-click code for the Click Modular Router based realization of VEIL network archi

VEIL-VIRO umn networking homepage A video demonstration of the VEIL routing architecture MotivationToday’s Internet is increasingly strained to meet the demands and requirements of these Internet services and their users, such as scalability to accommodate the increasing number of network components and host devices, high availability (i.e., “always-on� services), robustness, mobility and security. As the universal “glue� that pieces together various heterogeneous physical networks, th