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It's a pleasure to open this components projct, if it could help some one.



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Cp3120-g5-a1 - Jason, Joshua and Samuel Assignment 1

A Scenario involving a small airline companies who wishes to purchase software to manage ticket sales and offer such services to the public. This project shall has been asked to be completed using Java and mySQL for the components. Team Members: Joshua King, Jason Sorbello, Samuel Millar.

Yii-analogue-clock-widget - A flash-llike analogue clock widget for yii application

How to make a skeleton application having a clock widgetGet the files under the trunk of the google code repository using svn. $ svn checkout <yii-analogue-clock-widget>Create a skeleton application using yiic. $ cd <yii-demo-directory>$ ../framework/yiic webapp <app-name>Copy image files and php files to the skeleton application. $ cp <yii-analogue-clock-widget>/analogue-clock-*.png <app-name>/images/$ cp <yii-analogue-clock-widget>/Clo

Symbiansmsparse - parse n73 Symbian messaging files into components

I've kept all sent&recv sms on the same memory card over many years, until eventually the old n73 took 30+seconds to open a message! So I took a cp -rp of Private/1000484b/Mail2/ and wrote this perl script to walk the datafiles. Hope its of some use to someone TODO better message parsing telephone contact lookup hook as_xml output to/from flag VCF and MMS handling CAVEATS the date/time of the SMS is determined from the filestamp mtime. requires no additional perl modules but is currently set to

Gardens Point Component Pascal

Gardens Point Component Pascal is an implementation of the Component Pascal Language (CP). There are implementations for both the CLR and the JVM.

Cp3046petstore - This is pet shop system.

这是一个宠物店系统,系统有PHP,my sql等语言组�。 系统包括很多功能,譬如:店主&用户的登录,店主销售窗�,店内货�的进货&剩余查询,店内产�月销售�记录,用户个人资料修改,用户购买记录查询,以�用户其他�务查询等等。 本系统有强大的数�库支撑,并实时与客户进行交�。 This is a pet system supported by PHP, my sql and other languages component. System includes many features, suc

Sacct - Smart Account Management

In the Payment Card Industry (PCI), security is always a major concern. A lot of enterprise applications have application passwords hard-coded in configuration files, which are not allowed by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Smart Account Management (SAcct) is a light-weight Security Framework to ease your pain of removing the account passwords from application configuration files. The SAcct server reads in the account information from a secured soft token and acts as

Cp212project - SecureSend

This is a final project for CP 212 Introduction to programming with Visual Basic at Wilfrid Laurier University. Topic: Secure File Transfer Client for Registered Users - SecureSend Description of problem: Design a program to easily and securely transfer files between users. Requirements: The requirements to complete this task include: A web file server Cryptographic technology Database server Description of solution: This is a secure file transfer client program for registered users who have an

Juicygames - Android game framework for rapid game prototyping

A video game framework for rapid game prototyping. Partly modeled after Britt Hannah's article Object-Oriented Game Design. Slowly building toward a strong sprite sheet component and eventually a 2D tile engine component. Check out the player class built with the framework: public class Player extends GamePart {\t\tprivate static final int DRAW_DEPTH = 9;\tprivate static final float FRICTION = 0.98f;\tprivate static final int COLOR = Color.RED;\tpublic static int BIG_RADIUS = 70;\tpublic static

Extension-test-framework - Let you test your Firefox/Thunderbird extension from inside the applicati

DescriptionLet you test your Firefox/Thunderbird extension from inside the application and with command line with Rhino. How does it workVery simple, you could run it under Rhino JavaScript Shell or under Mozilla application from inside your extension code. Show me examplefile testExample.js function make() { return {\tlog:"Log",\tfiles: [1, 2, "3"] };}test.example = function() { assert.that(make(), is.eqJson({\tlog:"Log",\tfiles:[1, 2, 3]}));};produce following log testExample.js: example: Asse

Armware - This is an ARM emulator

For more information, please see the "Wiki" page.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FeatureFor the Serial Console You can input commands in the serial console. For the emulated environment ARMware now can emulate the ARM architecture version 4 Instruction Set. Add a dynamic compiler. Add a threaded code optimization technology. Brief IntroductionARMware, like VMware or Bochs, is an emulator for a hardware platform. Opposite to the x86 plat