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This project is developed by Windows Presentation Foundation with MVVM, PRISM & MEF.



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Erlang-mbcs - a pure erlang encode/decode module which is a replacement to cean iconv, with cjk supp

Support encodingsencodingscp037 | cp437 | cp500 | cp737 | cp775 | cp850 | cp852 | cp855 | cp857 | cp860 | cp861 | cp862 | cp863 | cp864 | cp865 | cp866 | cp869 | cp874 | cp875 | cp932 | cp936 | cp949 | cp950 | cp1026 | cp1250 | cp1251 | cp1252 | cp1253 | cp1254 | cp1255 | cp1256 | cp1257 | cp1258 | cp10000 | cp10006 | cp10007 | cp10029 | cp10079 | cp10081 | utf8 | utf16 | utf16le | utf16be | utf32 | utf32le | utf32be encoding alias table gbk

Douban-java - Java client library for Douban APIs

Java client library for Douban APIs 安装方法�以选择直接下载编译好的jar包 或者 编译安装 下载安装1.下载douban-java-0.2.2-r34.tgz,解压缩(tar xzf douban-java-0.2.2-r34.tgz),�以得到commons-codec-1.3.jar,commons-httpclient-3.1.jar,commons-logging-1.1.jar,douban-java-0.2.2-r34.jar,gdata-client-1.0.jar,gdata-core-1.0.jar,oauth-1.3.jar,将这些包放在CLASSPATH�以找到的路径下 编译安装1.签出��: svn co http://douban-java.googlec

Yahoo-to-http-bridge - Yahoo! Messenger to HTTP bridge

Yahoo! Messenger (YM) to HTTP server bridge is small application that act as YM client and send each incoming message to another application using HTTP protocol and send the response back to YM. Typical use of this application is if you want to interface your existing application with YM. Get the filesCheckout the source tree as described in "Source" tab. Or simply download the jar file on right link. You might need to get latest ymsg_network.jar from Compile t

Py-audio - Python bindings for audio device and speex codecs library for real-time voice communicati

This project builds the Python bindings for audio device interface, speex codecs library and text-to-speech library for real-time voice communication. In particular it provides Python wrapper modules for the following projects: The RtAudio Project 4.0.8 The Speex Project 1.2rc1 The Flite Project 1.4 How to build?Instructions to build on Unix-based platforms including Mac OS X and Linux using Python 2.6. 1. Checkout the latest version of this py-audio project from SVN. $ svn checkout http://py-au


AMV-video converter, converte video in formato amv,codec usato da mp3/4 di produzione cinese.Scaricare prima l encoder ffmpeg patchato a: In terminale eseguire:$cp amv-ffmpeg-linux-i386-20071030 /usr/bin/ffmpeg-amv $sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/ffmpeg-amv amv-video-converter, convert videos for low - cost mp3/4 players,whit the most popular resolutions. BEFORE: You need to download from:

Hadoop-snappy - A Hadoop library of Snappy compression

Hadoop-Snappy is a project for Hadoop that provide access to the snappy compression. This project is integrated into Hadoop Common (JUN 2011). Hadoop-Snappy can be used as an add-on for recent (released) versions of Hadoop that do not provide Snappy Codec support yet. Hadoop-Snappy is being kept in synch with Hadoop Common. Build Hadoop Snappy1. Requirements: gcc c++, autoconf, automake, libtool, Java 6, JAVA_HOME set, Maven 3 2. Build/install Snappy (http://code

Xy-vsfilter - VSFilter Fork for Smooth Playback

xy-VSFilter - VSFilter Fork for Smooth PlaybackJanuary 8th 2012: With the release of xy-VSFilter 3.0.0, the project will be on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time Based on VSFilter 2.39 Guliverkli2 with various important changes from VSFilter 2.40 MPC-HC Supports and ONLY supports subtitle scripts supported by Official VSFilter 2.39 builds, but in a more efficient way. What Is DifferentMuch faster than Official VSFilter 2.39, 2.40, & 2.41 Subpics are now drawn directly in YUV/RGB as needed

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