BlogEngine.NET Expansion

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The purpose of this project is to expand upon the work already done in BlogEngine.NET to add features requested by the users but not yet implimented in the actual release.



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Alphablog - A free blogging software

Alpha Blog is a powerful blogging software. Best of all, its free. Alpha blog is created by Radpoint Studios. Alpha Blog has many features, including jQuery-baised style, comment reporting, and user-friendly admin cp.

Couchdb-fuse - CouchDB FUSE File System

A FUSE interface to CouchDB. From the blog post: Use CasesIf you've read My Couch or Yours? Shareable Apps Are The Future by jchris, this is a great time-saver if you want to edit HTML, JavaScript, CSS or even image files directly using your favourite editor. Uploading large numbers of files repetitively through Futon or even via a Python prompt becomes tedious very quickly: drag'n'drop or cp * is the way forward! InstallationYou need the following: Python FUSE bindings CouchDB-Python 0.5 or gre

Shmup - A shoot-em-up game called Explosions!

Explosions! A shmup game created for windows primarily. Linux, BSD, OpenPandora, and OSX ports are on the way. The game features 4 action-packed levels with 8 weapons,bosses,bombs, and explosions! by ReturnZero games. blog: API's used: "SFML" window,graphics,and audio. for creating the window, drawing to the screen, and sounds. "Lua" for scripting levels. "LuaBind" for binding lua and c++

Echo-nest-java-api - A Java API for the Echo Nest web services

This is a Java API and assorted tools and helpers for the Echo Nest API (at Note - for a version of the API that works with Version 4 of the Java API see jEN-api Table of Contents The Echo Nest API OverviewGetting StartedCode ExamplesRunning the examples The Echo Nest API OverviewThe Echo Nest API is divided into two sets of methods: Artist methods and track methods. Artist MethodsSome of the Echo Nest artist capabilities: get a list of the hottest artists search for art

Qam-ofdm - This function can be used to simulate the BER performance of 64-QAM OFDM in Rayleigh fadi

This function can be used to simulate the BER performance of 64-QAM OFDM in Rayleigh fading. The FFT length is set to 128 (the lowest in LTE) and cyclic prefix length is set to 32. We use a 7-tap filter to simulate a time-varying frequency-selective channel. The filter length, FFT length and CP length can be easily changed. The FFT and IFFT operations are normalized so as to maintain the signal to noise ratio. There is also a penalty for the extra energy transmitted in the CP. For more informati

Ascalaph - Molecular modeling

Ascalaph is a general purpose molecular modeling suite.General Features: 3D molecular graphics Interactive model building Geometry optimization Molecular dynamics Quantum modeling with aid of NWChem, CP2K and PC GAMESS/Firefly Ascalaph Blog on the SourceForge

Cl-blogger - Common Lisp interface to

CL-BLOGGER is a Common Lisp interface to, it also provide a convenient way to post a native muse file in emacs. Japanese document -> Write with Emacs Muse and Post it to Blogger(Common Lisp interface to Blogger) Outline Anyway, I wanted to post from Emacs to Blogger. I wanted to write with Muse. Simple-hatena-mode was envied. Thus, I made this program. The following is possible. - Post a new entry. - Modify a entry which h

Setterminalstyle - A command line tool for changing the style of your current terminal in Terminal.a

IntroductionA command line tool that changes the style of your current tab in on Mac OS X. This tools is largely inspired by an AppleScript from the Omni Group. That script was broken when Snow Leopard came out, however there is now an updated version of the script available from the Omni Group. Too bad that I found the update after I had written this helper myself. Though it was a nice learning example for using the ScriptingBridge Framework. I hope you can enjoy it too! See the fo

Iphone-language - Swtiching to use different language setting for iPhone

WelcomeThanks for coming to this project. This is an native iPhone application that use the language packs that packaged by (see below for the translation credit) which allow user to change the display language on the iPhone. This will break your 1.1.1 phone DO NOT INSTALLplease read this if you accidentally run iLang on 1.1.1 Install InstructionFor 1.1.1 User With 1.1.1, you can enable the international setting by doing the following: enable international keyboard/System/Library/CoreSer

Mmseg4j - MMSEG for java lucene chinese analyzer, or for solr

1ã€�mmseg4j 用 Chih-Hao Tsai çš„ MMSeg 算法( )实现的中文分è¯�器,并实现 lucene çš„ analyzer å’Œ solr çš„TokenizerFactory 以方便在Luceneå’ŒSolr中使用。 2ã€�MMSeg 算法有两ç§�分è¯�方法:Simpleå’ŒComplex,都是基于正å�‘最大匹é…�。Complex 加了四个规则过虑。官方说:è¯�语的正确识别率达到了 98.41%。mmseg4j å·²ç»�实现了这两ç§�分è¯�算法。 1.5版的分è¯�速度simple算法是 1100kb/så·¦å�³ã€�complexç