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MOSS 2007 utility to detect authored links and headings in navigation structure of a site collection or every site collection in a farm which point to the subweb's root instead of the subweb's welcome page. It's developed in C# and requires MOSS 2007 SP2 or later.



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Xchat-mono - X-Chat Mono Plugin Interface

X-Chat Managed Plugins. This plugin allow you create plugins for x-chat using Mono and any Mono Enabled Compiler incluing C# and VB.NET. How it worksCopy in your xchat plugin directory(e.g cp /usr/lib/xchat-gnome/plugins/) Copy xchat-mono.dll in your mono xchat directory(e.g cp xchat-mono.dll $HOME/.config/xchat/mono/): Copy your Plugins(.dll) in Xchat Mono Plugins(e.g cp xchat-mono-banshee.dll $HOME/.config/xchat/mono/plugins/): How to installYou can simplify the ins