Autodocs - WCF REST Automatic API Documentation Generator

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Autodocs is an automatic API documentation generator for .NET applications that use Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to establish REST API's.



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Web-helpers - WebHelpers is the aggregate of the common components for web applications.

WebHelpers is the aggregate of the common components for web applications.

Django-helpers - Rails style helpers for Django

Collection of templatetags that allow to use rails like Webhelpers, included in Pylons web framework. Installation: Put it in your project templatetags directory and put {% load helpers %} in top of any template that uses these templatetags. Requires: Webhelpers and it's dependencies

Webhelps - for personnel online requirements

For personnel online requirement and hosting

Django-autodoc - Build HTML version from the django documentation in reStructuredText

Autodoc is a python script that allows you to build a HTML version of the django documentation (available in reStructured text). It requires : docutils, to tranform restructuredtext file in HTML via rst2html PySVN, to grab the documention on django's svn repository django-autodoc is now hosted here :

Jpf-autodoc-options - Automatic Documentation Options implementation for Java PathFinder

JPF AutoDoc OptionsIntroductionJPF AutoDoc Options is a tool that automatically extracts JPF projects' options and other documentation-related information, which can greatly help both JPF users and developers of JPF extensions. For more informations about tool you can check Automatic Extraction of JPF Options and Documentation paper presented at JPF Workshop 2011 or visit Wiki section.

WCF Guidance for WPF Developers

This project includes a whitepaper, code samples and a short webcast series to help Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) developers work with WCF services. Topics: proxies, shared libraries, exception handling, concurrency, multithreading, hosting services, and REST-based.

Cooperativepathfinding2 - Cooperative Pathfinding in a tile based environment

Implementation of a Cooperative Pathfinding system in a tile based Environment supplied by Andrew Williams (my Lecturer). For articles in Cooperative Pathfinding see below, but to summarise its about stopping agents from colliding with one another due to intersecting paths. Nathan Sturevent, his own website. - Direction Maps, Nathan Sturevent, Renee Jansen Coop Path finding – Na

Crud-flexigrid - RESTfull flexigrid with support CRUD

updated flexigrid with support CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE. Optimized for integrate with WCF. without XML support. JSON only. inline editor. column formatters.

MVC Contrib for Business Applications

MVC Contrib for Business Application is a collection of libraries and helpers focused on Business Applications based on ExtJS (using a fluent syntax) connected with server side technologies as Astoria, WCF Rest, etc.