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Assembly is a program designed to aid in the development of creative modifications for the Xbox 360 Halo games. It also includes a .NET library for programmers.



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z88 Development Kit

Generic z80 Cross compiler with generic libraries. The Cambridge z88 was the original target, but libraries are also available for Spectrum, ZX81, VZ200, Sharp MZ, CP/M, TI8x calculators, Sharp OZ, Xircom REX, Sam Coupe and many others

Xerblin - A completely general human-computer interface.

Xerblin is a completely general Human-Computer interface. It provides a single metaphor for interacting with computers that's simple enough to teach to children yet provides facilities that are useful to advanced programmers. It can integrate all levels of software from the Desktop to assembly language. There are three basic user-facing elements to a Xerblin system. Stack - a place to put objects for user manipulation. This is similar to a Clipboard but it can hold more than one item at a time.

Hb-search-demo - A project to show case hibernate search features

OverviewThis is a java swing based project to show case hibernate search features. The project is based on maven, so all you need to do is to check out the project, install maven and make sure the maven executable - 'mvn' is set in your PATH. Also, ensure that your JAVA_HOME is set to appropriate JDK installation. Modern IDEs (Netbeans, IDEA, eclipse) allow you to import a maven project and work seamlessly. Most interesting part is that, this project uses embedded derby. So, you do not require t

Javacpp - The missing bridge between Java and native C++

JavaCPPIntroductionJavaCPP provides efficient access to native C++ inside Java, not unlike the way some C/C++ compilers interact with assembly language. No need to invent a whole new language, whatever Microsoft may opine about it. Under the hood, it uses JNI, so it works with all Java implementations, including Android. In contrast to other approaches (SWIG, CableSwig, JNIGeneratorApp, JNIWrapper, Platform Invoke, GlueGen, JNIDirect, JNA, JniMarshall, JNative, J/Invoke, HawtJNI, BridJ, etc.), i

Jscombiner - JavaScript Combiner - a java tool for javascript developer

当你的项目里有一堆 javascript 文件,在开å�‘的时候想ä¿�æŒ�以最简å�•çš„æ–¹å¼�æ�¥ç®¡ç�†è¿™äº›è„šæœ¬ï¼Œè¿�行调试的时候它们ä¿�æŒ�原样,上线的时候还希望它们能压缩好,jscombiner 就是那样一个工具。 How to use ? (怎么使用)首先需è¦�引入ä¾�赖,最简å�•çš„是使用 maven çš„æ–¹å¼�。 <dependency> <groupId>net.leegorous</groupId> <artifactId>jscombiner</artifactId> <version>0.4-SNAPSHOT</version></dependency>é�—憾的是现在 jar 并没有å

Cp-3110 - This is a project about SCMS

Aosi Li Garments Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City is a creative, design, plate making, presentation, production, customized apparel as one of the professional production company. Mainly produces all kinds of hotels, guest houses, shopping malls, companies, factories, banks, schools, performing arts, business groups uniform (wear, overalls, security services), high-end suit, shirt, promotional clothing, T shirt clothing line. Our garment factory is located in Buji, Shenzhen, Hubei Baofeng industrial ar

Archivefs - An archival and backup file system for Linux using FUSE.

AboutArchiveFS is a FUSE file system used for archiving and backup. Its primary function is to ensure that multiple copies of a file are only represented as a single file. The representation of the file system is intentionally kept simple and consists just of a single SQLite3 database file and table (which can be dumped into a text file), together with a directory full of files. The file system is not intended for general purpose computing, but mostly for copying data in and out. It seems to be

Yasmsko - command-line tool just to send SMS via phone connected to PC

This program allows to send SMS messages specified as a command-line option or a file to a number or a list of numbers. Numbers also may be listed in file or defined in command-line options. Long SMSes are allowed - they will be divided to parts, which then will be assembled in receiving cellphone in one so-called "composite SMS". The program will automatically recode cp1251 text to UCS2, thus allowing to send SMS in russian.

Acs-course - Advanced Programming in C# Course

Advanced Programming in C# Course Total 8 sessions: 03 theory sessions and 05 lab sessions Library References - CPT: \\\\ha-database\\TLHocTap\\APTECH\\14.ACS(Sem2) - -Professional C#, Second Edition (Paperback) by Simon Robinson , K. Scott Allen, et al - Programming C#: Building .NET Applications with C# ILLUSTRATED (Paperback) by Jesse Liberty - Programming C# with Visual Studio .NET 2005 (Paperback) by Jeffery Suddeth - C# và .Net FrameWork by Duong Quang Thien CP

Launch4j-xml-plugin - Maven integration with Launch4j using config.xml (generated by Launch4j GUI)

The Plugin dynamically modifies jar, outfile and adds classpath in config.xmlexample usage(on package it re-generates config.xml with updated data and generates exe/exes) <pluginRepositories>\t<pluginRepository>\t\t<id>launch4j-xml-plugin-repo</id>\t\t<name>launch4j-xml-plugin Repository for Maven</name>\t\t<url></url>\t</pluginRepository></pluginRepositories><build>\t<plugins>\t\t<plugin>\t\t\t<groupId>launch4j-xml-plugin</groupId>\t\t\t<artifa