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Arrow integrates Windward Reports .NET Engine into SharePoint. Run reports through SharePoint, schedule reports, and report on SharePoint list data.



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Ess-tracebug - Tracing and debugging R code in ESS.

An emacs package for interactive debugging and error tracing for ESS. Ess-tracebug is now part of ESS SVN and the documentation below refers to this version. Ess-tracebug in this google.code repository works with version 5.14 or earlier of ESS and is incompatible with ESS SVN, ActivationManual Installation for Version 5.14 or lower of ESSNote on KeysCheat sheetError TracingNavigationTraceback BufferVisual DebuggerBreakpointsConditional BreakpointsLoggersDebuggingFlag/Unflag for DebuggingWatch Wi