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A simple argument parser. Originally written by Robert C. Martin and ported to .NET by me. It is developed in C#.



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ConsoleFx Commandline Processing Library

Command-line application library

docopt - Pythonic command line arguments parser, that will make you smile

Pythonic command line arguments parser, that will make you smile

PyChecker - finds bugs in Python

PyChecker is a tool for finding bugs in python source code. It is similar to lint. PyChecker checks for each function, class and method for possible problems. It is capable to identify import errors.

Gengetopt - Command Line Argument Parser in C

Gengetopt is a tool to generate C code to parse the command line arguments argc and argv that are part of every C or C++ program. The generated code uses the C library function getopt_long to perform the actual command line parsing.

C++ Console Tool Set

Lightweight C++ set of utility classes including POSIX/GNU-compatible command-line argument parser, thread-safe logging service, and various utiliy classes ... Motto: simple and user-friendly!


Mole is an automatic SQL Injection exploitation tool. Only by providing a vulnerable URL and a valid string on the site it can detect the injection and exploit it, either by using the union technique or a boolean query based technique. The Mole uses a command based interface, allowing the user to indicate the action he wants to perform easily. The CLI also provides auto-completion on both commands and command arguments, making the user type as less as possible.


.NET CLI is a port of the Apache Commons Command Line Interface (CLI) library for parsing command line options and their arguments.

Math Expression String Parser (MESP)

Parser for mathematical expressions written in Java. Expressions may contain variables, functions and constants. The parser turns a string argument into an expression tree, which then can be evaluated.

Jacli - annotation based command line interface

Simple, flexible, lightweight annotation based CLI Features: L10N Supports Map/Collection/File/String/boolean etc. data types CommonBean for frequently used switches like '-help, -verbose' Bean class is extensible Extendable Usage module Have you ever tired of doing this if (args.length > 0 && !StringUtils.isEmpty(args[0])) { importFile = new File(args[0]);}if (args.length > 1 && !StringUtils.isEmpty(args[1])) { exportFile = new File(args[1]);}You're probably answering YES. Have you ever gotten

Supergetopt - Powerful yet very easy to use printf-style commandline argument handling for C/C++. Re

Looking for a replacement for getopt? Want to add commandline options to your program but don't want to get bogged down in the complexity of it all? Then SuperGetOpt is for you. Built-in type checking and error handling provide useful user feedback. Fixed and variable arg lists allowed. Here is a simple example: superGetOpt(argc,argv, &argErr,\t\t"-mymixed %c %lf %s %d %hd",&my_c, &my_lf, &my_s, &my_d, &my_hd, //mixed types\t\t"-varfloats *%f", farray, &numInFArray, // variable number of floats\