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Blackboard-cas - CAS-based single sign-on backend for Blackboard

CAS 2.0 Authentication for Blackboardblackboard-cas is a CAS authentication module for Blackboard. It utilizes the CAS 3.1 client library in order to connect to CAS 2.x/3.x servers (using the CAS 2.0 protocol). blackboard-cas is based on CasAuthenticationModule, developed by the University of Bristol. ConfigurationBefore building, you should edit the settings in Settings include: blackboard.home: The path to your Blackboard instance. The path to the JDK us

Reporting-junit-runner - JUnit Runner with ant-style reporting

This project provides a junit runner that creates xml report files in the same fashion as the ant task does. This is very useful when running junit from the command line, i.e. when using rake. It takes a list of classes, just as JunitCore does. This is how it works: java -cp <yourstuff>:reporting-junit-runner-2.jar junitrunner.Runner -o <result folder> <testclasses>

Same-code-duplication-detector - Same: Code Duplication Detector

same is a GUI-based tool that detects duplicate code chunks within a set of Java files. In a sense it is the opposite of the UNIX diff tool. In a nutshell, same normalizes Java code and is able to find duplicate code chunks even when the formatting is radically different, when the variable name has changed, and even when constants have changed. Same can run in three modes. It has a GUI which lets you see the code side by side. Additionally, it can be invoked via the command line. java -cp same-0

Makedirdiff - Make Directory Difference Tool

Make Directory Difference (MakeDirDiff) toolРу��кий: Опи�ание проекта MakeDirDiff IntroductionMakeDirDiff is a simple command line tool for finding differences between two directories and storing all new/updates files in a new directory. MakeDirDiff compares two directories and creates the third directory with the first directory structure, but with new or updated files only. It can update the second directory content with the current content of the first directory. On the

Java-gpu - Support for offloading parallel-for loops in Java to NVIDIA CUDA compatible cards.

By introducing a @Parallel annotation, loops can be annotated as parallel. An extra compilation can then offload these to NVIDIA CUDA compatible graphics cards. Data transfers are handled automatically, and no CUDA C code has to be written explicitly. A full dissertation about this is available: Peter Calvert: Parallelisation of Java for Graphics Processors. Part II Dissertation, Computer Science Tripos, University of Cambridge June 2010. AMD's APARAPI project attempts to achieve very similar go

Miralium - Java implementation of Margin Infused Relaxed Algorithm

Margin Infused Relaxed Algorithm (MIRA), also called passive-aggressive algorithm (PA-I), is an extension of the perceptron algorithm for online machine learning that ensures that each update of the model parameters yields at least a margin of one. For details, see: Crammer, K., Singer, Y. (2003): Ultraconservative Online Algorithms for Multiclass Problems. In: Journal of Machine Learning Research 3, 951-991. Our java implementation follows CRF++ file formats and can be used for part-of-speech t

Fsch - Adobe Flex + Ant tasks + Compiler SHell = Fastest compilation.

Flex Compiler SHell integration with Apache AntCurrent version 1.0.133 Post your feature requests hereHow it worksDownload and install FCSHServer. Set environment variable FCSHServer={application directory, e.g. C:\\Program File\\Fcsh Server\\}. Edit server.ini file: setup Flex SDK location (e.g. sdk=C:\\Flex_sdk_3.0) or modify Flex Compiler SHell vmoptions Application directory contains fcsh.jar file. So example ant build.xml is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><project name="project.main


The main propouse of this project is to offer a way to install all pear packages per php project keeping in that way some isolation from one php project to another. This version is make with bash and install all pear package system in some internal project directory. As all installations are made local there are no need of sudo or root rights. Script prerequisites This script was tested with php 5.2 and ant 1.7 How i use this package? Download the project files from google code at: http://code.g

Fc-xmldiff - Fuego Core XML diff and patch tool

Fuego Core XML Diff and Patch ToolThe Fuego Core XML Diff and Patch tool is a fast and memory-efficient general-purpose tool for diffing and patching XML files. The underlying algorithms have been described in T. Lindholm, J. Kangasharju, and S. Tarkoma: Fast and Simple XML Tree Differencing by Sequence Alignment, Proceedings of ACM DocEng 2006. The source code for the tool is released under the permissive MIT license News June 26, 2009: Project reincarnated at a


A small set of scala classes that solve a particular problem (double round robin tournament) through ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) and a bit of CP Constraint Processing