ADN - Animate.NET

  •        0 is an application for creating 2D animations using vector graphics. It has a vector drawing interface similar to Inkscape and animation tools similar to Flash.



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Tw-qvm - TremWars QVM

SVN FeaturesThis wiki page shows changes made to Lakitu7's QVM introduced in TremWars QVM. Up-to-date as of SVN 39. Administrator Commands!adminlog Output a log of administrator commands used throughout the current map. !drop Silently drop a player from the server with a 'Disconnect' message. !fireworks Play the current maps ending animation (e.g. fireworks in ATCS). !flag Grant a player rights to a flag. !ghost Remove previous instances of yourself from the server. !listmaps Output a list of ma

Rainbowdash - RainbowDashboard Advanced Firmware for Rainbowduino

RainbowDashboard is a third-party firmware for the Rainbowduino by Seeed Studio. Among its features: Clean, maintainable code base. Compatible with standard firmware from Rainbowduino 2.0. Supports UART mode (no Arduino host needed - talk to Rainbowduino directly). Works with both Rainbowduino 2.0 and Rainbowduino 3.0. Double-buffered graphics operations. Software real-time clock. Animation driven by the Rainbowduino itself. Full Windows ANSI (CP1252) character set. (Technically Kreative SuperLa

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xy-VSFilter - VSFilter Fork for Smooth PlaybackJanuary 8th 2012: With the release of xy-VSFilter 3.0.0, the project will be on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time Based on VSFilter 2.39 Guliverkli2 with various important changes from VSFilter 2.40 MPC-HC Supports and ONLY supports subtitle scripts supported by Official VSFilter 2.39 builds, but in a more efficient way. What Is DifferentMuch faster than Official VSFilter 2.39, 2.40, & 2.41 Subpics are now drawn directly in YUV/RGB as needed

grafika - Grafika test app

- The renderer is trigged by Choreographer to update every vsync. If we get too far behind, we will skip frames. This is noted by an on-screen drop counter and a border flash. You generally won't see any stutter in the animation, because we don't skip the object movement, just the render.- The encoder is fed every-other frame, so the recorded output will be ~30fps rather than ~60fps on a typical device.- The recording is letter- or pillar-boxed to maintain an aspect ratio that matches the