Analysis Management System

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An application to manage laboratory analysis. It is targeted at small laboratories that do not have the funds to buy a LIMS. The application is developed in C# on top of SQL Server Express.



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Blackboard-cas - CAS-based single sign-on backend for Blackboard

CAS 2.0 Authentication for Blackboardblackboard-cas is a CAS authentication module for Blackboard. It utilizes the CAS 3.1 client library in order to connect to CAS 2.x/3.x servers (using the CAS 2.0 protocol). blackboard-cas is based on CasAuthenticationModule, developed by the University of Bristol. ConfigurationBefore building, you should edit the settings in Settings include: blackboard.home: The path to your Blackboard instance. The path to the JDK us

Scalaserver - scala httpd server, written in scala.

1. IntroductionRecently, I am learning scala, I am very interested in its actor libarary. Actor is a very powerful method to handle concurrent connections. And I want to write a simple httpd server using actors. Currently, It only serves static pages. I wrote this in 435 lines of scala code, including comments. It supass lighttpd by a much faster responsive speed, really amazing. 2.Usage:$ scala -cp httpd.jar -Dscala.port=8000 -Dscala.htdocs=/path/doc com.ropzsu.scalaWeb.htt

Osbulletin - A fully customizable, complete open source forum solution.

Currently in the planning stages, osBulletin will be a complete open source forum solution. It will provide an alternative to commercial forum solutions, like Invision Power Board and vBulletin.Many features are planned, including the following features:On the front-end:- AJAX-powered Quick Reply, editing, inline moderation, and multi-quote- Personal Messages with Conversations- User Control Panel with Profile Options- Signatures- Avatars- Contact options(E-mail, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Skype, Goo

Opengltemplates - Wizards for qt-creator related to OpenGL

OpenGL Wizards for the Qt Creator IDE. (And no, Qt is NOT a dependency) How to useGrab a download (from this page on the right side, or the left side...depending on google's mood), say foo.tar.bz2 Uncompress it somewhere, tar xvfj foo.tar.bz2 A 'foo' directory should have been created. Copy that directory to where Qt Creator needs it, cp -R foo location Start Qt Creator, and have fun :) location???Ok, here's what the docs say

Php-aop - PHP Aspect Oriented Programming

A lightweight framework for bringing AOP to PHP. UsageEntry Point Script<?php// Include the framework at the very beginningrequire 'aop/aop.php';/* Add include paths. This serves two purposes: 1- for the framework to "autoload" the classes without having to manage complicated interdependencies 2- for the framework to "intercept" and "weave" the classes before completing the autoloading process*/aop::register_class_path( some-path-here );aop::register_class_path( some-other-path-here );Pointcut D

Javacpp - The missing bridge between Java and native C++

JavaCPPIntroductionJavaCPP provides efficient access to native C++ inside Java, not unlike the way some C/C++ compilers interact with assembly language. No need to invent a whole new language, whatever Microsoft may opine about it. Under the hood, it uses JNI, so it works with all Java implementations, including Android. In contrast to other approaches (SWIG, CableSwig, JNIGeneratorApp, JNIWrapper, Platform Invoke, GlueGen, JNIDirect, JNA, JniMarshall, JNative, J/Invoke, HawtJNI, BridJ, etc.), i

Amarokfs-fuse - A filesystem to access your music files the same way they are organized in the amaro

The main idea of the project is to allow access to your music in an organized filesystem, using the information of the amarok database. I am creating this fs because my musics are all disorganized and wanted to copy them using cp (or listen them using other programs) in easy way. It already shows the artists, albums and genres of your collection.

Qwitik - Twitter client

Introduction:Hello, people, I am a client for <FOLLOW ME> ScreenShots: How to build:NOTE: You may use Qt 4.5 or latter. mkdir build && cd ./build Build and install QTwitLib library: NOTE: Use source code only from trunk. svn checkout ./qtwitlib cd ./qtwitlib/ && qmake && make cp -l ./release/libQTwitLib* /usr/lib/ Build Qwitik: cd ../ svn checkout[change to qwitik last version number] ./qwitik cd ./qwiti

Pigos - A simple kernel, for fun

Pigos is a simple kernel. I am writing it just for fun. FeaturesNow Pigos has (all are basic and need refining): Process schedular Virture memory Disk driver Cache for disk File system Basic input and output A few system calls Shell ELF loader Shared memroy Now it does not have: Network support and many EnviromentCPU: x86 Memory: 2M ~ 2G Disk: only 1 IDE disk, 4G How to RunIt's tested on both Qemu 0.9.0 and Bochs 0.3.7. See Makefile for more details of how to run. Execute User ProgramYou can exe

Pimpd - Perl Interface for the Music Player Daemon

PIMPD - Perl interface for the Music Player DaemonPIMPD have moved to NAME pimpd - Perl Interface for the Music Player DaemonSYNOPSIS pimpd [OPTIONS...] (ARG)DESCRIPTION pimpd is an MPD client written in Perl that aims to implement what the excellent mpc client is lacking (for good reasons), as well as all the regular functionality one would expect. Regular expression based queries You can search the database and playlist using regular expressions. There are seve