AIDE (Automata-Identification Engine)

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AIDE is a automata-identification engine.



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Pure Python implementation of GOLD Parser Engine. GOLD Parser Engine is a LALR(1) parser with DFA tokenizer. It uses compiled grammar table generated by GOLD Parser Builder (not included - available on

Info-iu9-red - Java DFA-based regular expressions engine

Java DFA-based regular expressions engine inspired by Google RE2.

Google-api-dfa-examples - DoubleClick for Advertisers API Code Examples

The DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) API enables you to manage your DFA account using SOAP calls. DFA is used to create and organize campaigns consisting of hundreds or thousands of graphic ads, to serve these ads to specific websites, and to generate a variety of reports tracking cost, impressions, and clickthroughs. Use the API to automate recurring or repetitive tasks in your account, such as bulk uploads or modifications. The code examples in this project are intended to help you start writ

Python-automata - Construct, simulate, and modify deterministic finite automata.

python-automata is a well-documented Python library for working with DFAs, including the following features: Basicssimulate DFA execution input-by-input or over an iterable sequence validate a DFA's definition delta is a function, not a transition table check if the DFA's language is finite Unary operationsnegation classical minimization DFCA minimization Binary operationsgeneralized cross-product construction, including DFA union, intersection, and symmetric difference Constructing automataMake

Google-api-dfa-dotnet - DoubleClick for Advertisers API DotNet Client Library

DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) API lets developers to build applications that interact directly with the DFA platform and perform a variety of trafficking and administrative tasks. It is particularly useful for automating recurring processes and for integrating DoubleClick for Advertisers with third-party systems. The DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) API DotNet Client Library makes it easier to write .NET clients to programmatically access DFA accounts. Updates: We made some changes to the D

Pystatecharts - Statechart framework in Python

This project provides reusable components to create statecharts in Python. Statecharts is a visual formalism for modelling reactive systems. More information about statecharts and their applications can be found here. FeaturesThe following can be easy constructed using the package Simple FSM (Finite State Machine, Mealy as well as Moore models) HSM (Hierarchical State Machine) having shallow history states CSM (Concurrent State Machines containing orthogonal regions) PendingThe following feature

S-ma-u-g - State Machine Generator

Finite State Machine IdentificationIdentification has been defined as an inference process, which deduces an internal representation of the system from samples of it's functioning. There are many possibilities to a represent system, one of them is to use a finite state machine (FSM). There are many applications for identification in different fields such as logical design, verification or test, sequential learning. For example finite automata (FA) are useful models for many important kind of har

Kleener - A fast DFA-based regular expression library for Java

New project, in heavy development Compiles regular expressions to NFA, DFA, and minimized DFA representations to allow for a range of performance characteristics. Avoids the exponential worst-case behavior of java.util.regex.

Cs544-checkers - Drexel University CS 544 winter 2010-2011 group 07 checkers game protocol

Drexel University CS 544 2010-2011 group 07 protocol and implementation for the game of checkers or "draughts." Check ProtocolDesignPaper. We can collaborate easier this way, and then convert to Word/PDF for submission. Beata's initial protocol sketch. Jonathan's initial DFA sketch (for an extensible game service). The PDFs for the protocol design assignment and the protocol implementation assignment.