Cultural, Tourism, and Heritage Portal

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The Cultural Portal is an interactive online tool where majority of the content is user generated. Users, such as museums, theaters, community groups, and festivals can create unique profiles and update them as they go.



Related Projects

Ceres CP

Ceres CP, to use with eAthena and other Athena SQL based servers


A wrapper library for the HTML5 Filesystem API what reuses UNIX commands (cp, mv, ls) for its API.

VirtuoCP (formerly Vtonf)

VirtuoCP is a Virtual private server (VPS) control panel. It is designed to perform VPS operations in a GNU/Linux server having OpenVZ virtualization technology. VirtuoCP is a Free software distributed under GPL license.


cpDetector is a proxy for codepage detection of documents. It delegates to multiple instances that try to detect the codepage by different techinques. A command line executeable is shipped that allows to sort documents by codepage.

ISP Control Panel

ispCP is a project founded to build a Multi Server Control and Administration Panel without limits. This Control Panel should be usable by any Internet Service Provider (ISP). This project is a fork of the stalled VHCS.

eLML - eLesson Markup Language

eLML (eLesson Markup Language) is an XML framework for creating structured eLessons based on a pedagogical model. eLML consists of an XMLSchema and XSLT files to create XHTML, PDF, LaTeX, IMS CP and SCORM versions, standards supported by most LMS.


choco: a java library for constraint satisfaction problems (CSP), constraint programming (CP).

z88 Development Kit

Generic z80 Cross compiler with generic libraries. The Cambridge z88 was the original target, but libraries are also available for Spectrum, ZX81, VZ200, Sharp MZ, CP/M, TI8x calculators, Sharp OZ, Xircom REX, Sam Coupe and many others


NOTE: This SourceForge project is now *obsolete*, and has now moved to Savannah, please visit:

Erlang-mbcs - a pure erlang encode/decode module which is a replacement to cean iconv, with cjk supp

Support encodingsencodingscp037 | cp437 | cp500 | cp737 | cp775 | cp850 | cp852 | cp855 | cp857 | cp860 | cp861 | cp862 | cp863 | cp864 | cp865 | cp866 | cp869 | cp874 | cp875 | cp932 | cp936 | cp949 | cp950 | cp1026 | cp1250 | cp1251 | cp1252 | cp1253 | cp1254 | cp1255 | cp1256 | cp1257 | cp1258 | cp10000 | cp10006 | cp10007 | cp10029 | cp10079 | cp10081 | utf8 | utf16 | utf16le | utf16be | utf32 | utf32le | utf32be encoding alias table gbk