Course Scheduler

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Kettering Course Scheduler is an operating system independent schedule designer for Kettering University. Courses are selected from a list of available courses based on the registration term and possible schedules are generated.



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Olin-scheduler - A graphical course-scheduling application

This project is part of a project for a software engineering course at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. The project will help students to schedule courses with a graphical interface which shows and aids in the resolution of conflicts.

University-scheduler - University Scheduler Engine

An extensible college/university course scheduler application designed for students signing up for classes. Currently used by RPI Scheduler at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Gacdb - This is a membership database and more started for the Gunnison Arts Center.

GACdb is an open source membership management; course management; volunteer tracking application. It uses all Open Source software and it the first fully documented complete Open Source project I am aware of using’s Base application as a front end. It is a complete and ongoing project that is in continual development and based primarily on., MySQL, Linux, Perl, Wink, dbDesigner-Fork, apache and samba currently.

Rocs - Rensselaer Open Course Scheduler

Rensselaer Open Course Scheduler (ROCS) is a fork of Keith Lea's University Scheduler. It provides a tool for students to search for course schedules based on a variety of criteria. ROCS is being developed by the RPI chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the national honor society for the computing and information discipline. It is being funded in part through the Rensselaer Center for Open Source thanks to a donation from Sean O'Sullivan '85.

Courseschedulerx - Course Scheduler

This is a Java based Course Scheduling tool designed to assist students in scheduling courses. FlexibleThe Scheduler takes advantage of the university's existing web based course catalogs or class search functionality through plug-able download and parse modules. A number of different download and parse modules are available. Because of this, many universities can be supported simply through the creation of a retrieval profile which describes how to download and parse the courses. In many cases,

Ece571 - Mobile App Developed by Robert King, Jason Monk, Jerry Zhu, Sean Heath, Robert Mcquoid, Nat

University of Maine Mobile App (Beta Version)This is a free software tool for managing academic life at the University of Maine. It allows faculty and students to view course weekly schedule, meeting location, textbook, and faculty/staff contact information. The tool also provides maps of building and parking to help visitors and new students navigate the campus. Currently it is available for Android phones. The version for iPhone and iPod Touch is under development. The developers of this softw

CourseSchedule - Advanced Java Course Schedule App

Advanced Java Course Schedule App


A merb implementation of an existing PHP-based university course scheduling system.


web application that creates a schedule of assignments that is easily updated each semester