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Course Manager is an Application for course,instructor and students control.



Related Projects

Moodle - Course Management System

Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS) which could be used to create effective online learning portal. Each Moodle site can support thousands of courses. Courses can be categorised and searched. Array of course activities like Forums, Quizzes, Glossaries, Resources, Choices, Surveys, Assignments, Chats, Workshops are supported. It supports all major brands of database.

eFront - Robust Learning Platform

eFront is a robust learning platform, bundled with key enterprise functionality ranging from branch management to tailor-made reports. Its features include Content management, Assessments, Projects, Scheduling, Glossary, File library, Lesson rules, Scorm support and lot more.

Chamilo - e-learning and collaboration platform

Chamilo is an e-learning software that focuses on ease of use to facilitate the work of virtual teachers so they can focus on making great content and coaching their students better. Chamilo is currently used by more than 250,000 students around the world, and its reputation so far is really good.

Dearcampus - A secondary-classes management system by SJTU SSE 2006 students

A secondary-classes management system by SJTU SSE 2006 students


This is a web-based registration system for courses held at an educational institution. It features a public interface for filing registrations and an internal interface for managing course attendance approvals by the coordinating staff.

Gcm-global-course-manager - A course manager web projecet to control, evaluate and follow activities

GCM (Global Course Manager) is a project, that points to create a useful web tool for managing stundents, teachers, courses, and the related activities to education. I plan that this project will be growing in an scalable way. Eduardo F. Sandino (

Scms-nkcsse-07126610712576 - a student course system based on simple B/S+C/S model

Student course system manager, a project implemented with all the task we've learnt from the SE course. Within the programming process we started to understand all the subtle but necessary tasks and many handsome tools, protocols, definitions and architectures. So let's hit it!

Iglobalist-lms - Learning Managment System (LMS) has dedicated this learning management system to the community as GNU v3 license. It's a simple and easy installed and configured. We can enhance this LMS and make it a good one, and more robust. If you want to join, please email and I can add you in. Good Luck and Take Care. Sometimes people call e-training, e-learning, LMS, LCMS, or online training, all those names and features are developed in our LMS. We have education server(s) which are used to host