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CoSy -- The Computer Assisted Conferencing System from the University of Guelph



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YaCC - Yet another COSI Clone

Yet another COSI Clone is an assembly computer simulation.

Javascript-surface-plot - 3D Surface Plotting in JavaScript!

3D Surface Plotting in JavaScript!This JavaScript code allows one to plot 3D surfaces. Download the code and take a look at test.html to see how. Tested in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 6. Works in IE via use of excanvas. (See test.html in the download.) Performs best in Safari and Chrome. See here for a working example.See here for a code example.Want some WebGL slickness? See here. z = cos(x) * cos(y) z = sin(x) * cos(y) z = cos(x) * cos(y) + sin(x) a wire frame is rende

Fxbattle - An abstract RTS in the style of a real time risk

This is a java implementation of an old unix game called xbattle ( New release! FxBattle 0.1 has been released. There is a lot of work to go, but it's a playable game. See the Wiki for how to launch and play the game. This is a pet project to try new techonologies on. As a result it's kind of a hodge podge of Java technologies. Here are what we use: Java - Client Data Model objects CoSI - To bind Java DataModel values to JavaFx fields Clojure - To run a conc

.NET wrapper for the Centera SDK

The .Net wrapper for the Centera SDK is an open source project that is part of the EMC Centera Open Source Initiative (COSI). The EMC Centera Open Source Initiative is for toolkits and applications that interact with the EMC Centera content addressed sto

Commsynth - Communication Synthesis Infrastructure

This is the public repository for the COSI project, originally hosted at U.C. Berkeley ( The mailing list of this project is at, and the alias is

Alfrescodigsig - Alfresco Digital Signature

Project provides digital signatures for Alfresco ECM. Signing is done using smart card. Plug-in can sign any type of documents inside of Alfresco. Digital signatures are also kept in Alfresco. Il progetto ha come finalità quella di creare un estensione per Alfresco che inserisca la firma digitale tra le funzionalità già presenti. Esistono alcuni progetti open-source di librerie di firma digitale PKCS#7 e PDF, ma pochi di questi sono conformi alla normativa italiana o di altri paesi per la con

Trafficlc - Il traffico del raccordo anulare sul cellulare

Programma in Java j2me (per qualunque cellulare CLDC 1.0 MIDP 2.0) per visualizzare in tempo reale lo stato del traffico sul Grande Raccordo Anulare di Roma. Testato su: Motorola a1000 Nokia 6600 Nokia 6680 Nokia n70 Nokia n73 Nokia n80 Nokia n96 Il programma si avvale dei dati forniti dal sito ; benchè il sito non citi la fonte di provenienza dei dati, è intuibile che essi siano prodotti (in sostituzione del precedente

Dacredenny-cosi - A web based project that aims to offer a portal to a variety of open source develo

This is a web based portal that provides access to an open source development community where projects and events are made accessible. The project uses jquery and other similar frameworks and is based on the mysource matrix cms.

Softengproject - Progetto di ingegneria del software anno accademico 2008/2009

Questo spazio ci potra' permettere in un futuro non cosi' lontano di gestire efficacemente il nostro progetto. Alle spalle di google code c'e' svn che dovremo imparare ad utilizzare.