Cosmo OS

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La semplicità e la Potenza in un Piccolo e Unico OS



Related Projects

Plaidlama - assorted projects mostly in javascript

The Plaid Lama Project is an experimental online concept community development of the Plaid Lama Central Plaza group.

Php-stardict - php stardict extension

PECL extension for reading StarDictStarDict is a powerful open-source dictionary app, this extension brings the very power to the world of PHP Installationphpize./configure --enable-sdictmakesudo make installTesting code<?php $dic = sdict_popen('/usr/share/dict'); var_dump(sdict_query($dic, 'lama')); sdict_close($dic);?>


LamaHub is multi-platform NMDC Protocol server written in C++. This one was tried on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows. Easy to use and installation.

Lama - Erlang Log and Alarm Management Application

An application for Erlang/OTP implementing an alternative error_logger event handler that can be used as a replacement of the standard event logger to write all messages to user-defined destinations (including console, syslog, file, etc). Pluggable destinations can be either multi-line (e.g. console) or single-line per event (e.g. syslog). It also replaces the SASL's alarm handler with a more advanced one that allows mapping alarms to SNMP traps.

Lamagadget - lama project gadgets

lama project gadgets


A .NET component for communication with using Hattrick's CHPP XML interface! Project was started by Pedro Lamas (You can find him on his web site @ [|]!). As of november 2009, Stefan Kamphuis continued Pedro's work.

Monkey-mahjongg - 3D Mahjongg game using jMonkeyEngine

Monkey Mahjongg is a 3D mahjongg implementation using jMonkeyEngine. While it should run stand-alone and make fun, the main purpose is to show a simple but complete game implementation, which can serve as demo and example (including a tutorial), so it should be kept small and simple. Finally the code should become part of the jmetest package, however this site will provide stand-alone downloads. Of course, there will be some references to the "fauna and flora" around jME, which includes monkeys,

Mashup-nabin-lama-hello - My App

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.