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Cosmic is a Boardgame adaption of the popular Boardgame quot;Cosmic Encounterquot; to the PC. quot;The Game that breaks its own rulesquot;. Every game is different so you can practically play it forever.



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Cosmic-encounter-strategy-board-game - The game Cosmic Encounter implemented by few MGs.

Cosmic Encounter is a science fiction-themed strategy board game, designed by "Future Pastimes" (collectively, Peter Olotka, Jack Kittredge and Bill Eberle, with Bill Norton) and originally published by Eon Games in 1977. In it, each player takes the role of a particular alien species with a unique power to break one of the rules of the game attempting to establish control over the universe. Cosmic Encounter is a very dynamic and social game, with players being encouraged to interact, argue, for

Cosmic-Encounter - Recreation of the board game Cosmic Encounter in Python

Recreation of the board game Cosmic Encounter in Python

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