C Object System

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COS is a C89 library lifting C to the level of other OOPLs and beyond. Its syntax and features inspired from Objective-C and CLOS provide: uniform object model, generic functions, fast multimethods amp; delegation, introspection, exceptions amp; contracts...




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Pcalc is a command line calculator handling HEX DEC OCT BIN. It can process a script, save variables to file, full math parser, parentheses, exponential, sin/cos, sqrt, date, inch/mm celsius/f, compound expressions ...

Pyplane - A python class of a surface of a fracture in therms of a structural geology

The Plane is a class of a surface of a fracture or a tranch in a therms of a structural geology (a Dir angle and a Dip angle). This class could perform relationship between Cos1-Cos2-Cos3 and Dir and Dip angles (see fig. Plane). Cos1-Cos2-Cos3 are also coordinats of a 3D vector of a unit lenght. The direction of this vector is coincides with the dipping of a plane. The direction of a Cos1 axis is coincides with the North. The direction of a Cos3 axis is coincides with the East. The direction of

Cos-sim - COS.SIM Agent Based Traffic MicroSimulation

What is COS.SIM?COS.SIM is an open source complex system for agent-based traffic flows microsimulation COS.SIM consists of four main components: Road Editor Simulation Engine Visualization Engine Meters Engine COS.SIM was verified and validated according to standards and procedures of Japan Society of Traffic Engineers. Results of validation are similar to results of well known commercial microsimulation software packages. To drill down and explore the system in details please see JAVADOCs. COS.

Maximalerrorminimalization - Implementation of the 'maximal error minimalization' distribute

University coursework at the BUTE Embedded Information Systems MSc course. Implementation of the 'maximal error minimalization' distributed clock synchronization protocol. The implementation uses eCos operating system and the MITmote platform.

COS - Component Operating System

COS - Component-based Operating System

Infinity-solutions-case-tool - Code Refactoring

Code Refactoring tool to assist software engineers. This is developed by The University of Pretoria COS 301 team Infinity Solutions.

Javascript-surface-plot - 3D Surface Plotting in JavaScript!

3D Surface Plotting in JavaScript!This JavaScript code allows one to plot 3D surfaces. Download the code and take a look at test.html to see how. Tested in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 6. Works in IE via use of excanvas. (See test.html in the download.) Performs best in Safari and Chrome. See here for a working example.See here for a code example.Want some WebGL slickness? See here. z = cos(x) * cos(y) z = sin(x) * cos(y) z = cos(x) * cos(y) + sin(x) a wire frame is rende

Dmath - The standard math routines for Python's Decimal type.

dmath provides math functions for use with Python's arbitrary-precision Decimal type. These functions include acos, asin, atan, atan2, ceil, cos, cosh, degrees, e, exp, floor, hypot, log, log10, pi, radians, sin, sinh, tan, and tanh.

karacos - Web platform engine

KaraCos is a Python Framework which enables easy, quick, and clean web applications development. CouchDB, a no-SQL database for data storage. Its basic application is a CMS. Its structure is a tree of Nodes and each Node can contain Nodes or files (leafs).