Cornelius Project Management

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Cornelius is highly customizable web application to manage the common tasks of any company such as project management, task tracking, human resource planning and costs. Written in Java on top of Roma Meta Framework developed under the Romulus consortium.



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Pytoddler - A collection of simple games to teach young children computer interaction skills

To learn how to work with a computer a toddler needs something simple and computer safe with very noticeable interaction. pyToddler follows this concept (in the example of Crayonify.exe which used C++ and wxWidgets) using Python to allow the games to be easily customized. Requires: Python 2.4 PyGame 1.7.1 Toddlers Includes: pyCheese Designed to help the child practice aiming at a target with the mouse. The goal of pyCheese is to help a friendly mouse eat the cheese that appears on the screen. A

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Peter Cornelius tells children about computers and networks in a simple way they understand. P.C. helps children to understand what computers do and what they are for. This way they have respect for computer what makes the lifetime a bit longer. ;)

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UPDATEMay 24, 2011: Package added to the Python Package Index. sudo easy_install manysim May 19, 2011: Initial commit pushed to the repository. IntroductionWhat initially started out as an easy way of running GEANT4 simulations on AWS EC2, manysim is a simple technique for executing arbitary code on EC2 using Python and the boto Python module. Jobs can be launched from the local user machine and executed on the EC2 with results returned to the user via S3. It is up to the user to configure an Am

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UPDATEFebruary 18, 2010: Added support for COLLADA files (exportable from Google Sketchup) - requires QtXml and OpenGl. Enabled with ./configure --enable-collada User-code GNUMakefiles only require "include cadmesh.gmk" for compilation with settings made during configure persevered. Building with cmake is coming... October 17, 2011: Version v0.6.1 available in the downloads section (replacing v0.6) fixing compile errors if all includes not in the same direction when compiling shared library (old

cornelius - Cornelius is for Python and is can be talking with Dobbys abouts stuff.

Cornelius is for Python and is can be talking with Dobbys abouts stuff.


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