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Corewar is a game played vicariously through the action of assembly language programs written in a language called Redcode. Corewar is discussed in the Usenet group REC.GAMES.COREWAR; the reference implementation of this game, pMARS, is maintained here.



Related Projects

Inf431-corewar-hand - Simulateur pour le jeu Core War

Corewars8086 - CoreWars 8086 game engine, written in Java.

CoreWars 8086 is a programming game in which two or more battle programs (called "survivors") compete for control of a shared memory space. Unlike classic CoreWars, CoreWars 8086's survivors are not written in the proprietary Redcode language, but in standard 8086 assembly. ProjectThe CoreWars 8086 project provides a complete implementation of a game engine, including tournament mode with score-keeping. The latter is used by the Israeli annual CodeGuru Extreme competition. CodeThe latest source


nMars - Corewars MARS for .NET

Corewars Redcode Evolver (CRE)

Corewars Redcode Evolver, or CRE, is a program for generating Redcode warriors by use of a genetic algorithm (GA). It is intended for use by Corewars players, or people in research fields who wish to learn about GAs by evolving redcode warriors.


Corewars is a simulation game where a number of programs try to crash each other. Corewars comes with a graphical user interface (GTK+) to display the running programs and statistics. Redcode is supported as well.

Jcorewars - Core Wars game implemented in Java

Implement the Core Wars game in Java. Original game has been described in Scientific American by A.K. Dewdney

Java CoreWars Evolver

A Java based, pMars compatible, CoreWars simulator with Genetic Algorithm warrior evolver functionality. Java 6 is needed. Run with the following command: java -jar CWEvolver-0.4.jar --debug --size 300

Corewars -

ObjectiveTwo or more programs (also called warriors) take turns executing, one instruction at a time. The programs are written in a language called Redcode and run in the memory (a.k.a. core) of a virtual computer, or MARS (Memory Array Redcode Simulator). The goal of the game is to terminate all processes of the opposing program(s) (a program can spawn multiple processes through the SPL opcode). A process dies when it executes a DAT instruction. The core is of a finite size (800), but wraps aro

Corewars-open-sharing-group - We share corewars stuff!

We share corewars stuff! Only submit warriors and code if you agree to license them under either the LGPL.