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The CoreLibrary is a multiplatform object library for C++ (Linux, Win32, MacOSX, PocketPC). It provides many of the common objects found in Java (Strings, Threads, Collections, etc.) and has the ability to send objects across the network like CORBA.



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Martingale - Tools for live electronics and real-time computer music performance in Pure Data (Pd)

Martingale provides a high-level library of cross-platform Pure Data (Pd) abstractions for quickly and easily creating complex real-time instruments and signal processors. Numerous examples of creating real-time performance instruments are given, employing interfaces built with game pads, iPod/iPad (TouchOSC), and MIDI instruments. A core-library of tools provides ready-to-play instruments built around a common abstraction of a dual-analog game pad. Any of a number of similar game-pad devices (i

Awt-android-compat - An attempt to facilitate AWT rendering on the Android platform

This project is an attempt to facilitate AWT rendering on the Android platform. GoalTo create a compatibility layer between applications which use AWT rendering and the Android API. This is to relieve some coding, as opposed to being a drop-in-and-run compatibility library. SourceMuch of the AWT source comes from the OpenJDK project. Currently, the java.awt.geom is working. At certain points in the code, Android takes over and it becomes native API. DesignThe interface between the Android and ja

truth - Assertion/Proposition framework for Java unit tests (very alpha, and subject to change)

License----------------Truth is licensed under the open-source Apache 2.0 license. Acknowledgements----------------Thanks to Github and Travis-CI for having a strong commitment to open-source, and providing us with tools so we can provide others with code. And thanks to Google for [Guava]( "Guava"), for taking on the Truthproject and making it part of their core-libraries effort, and for encouragingus to try to solve problems in better ways and share tha

CoreLibrary - contribution to Dr. Chee Yap's core library

contribution to Dr. Chee Yap's core library


core library used by some kind of libraries as linear-algebra, petsc-cxx and slepc-cxx.