Smart package of Microsoft's core fonts

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So far this project consists of a source rpm that can be used to easily create a binary rpm package that, when installed, gives access to Microsoft's TrueType core fonts for the Web.



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xf86-corefonts true type font installer

The core_fonts package contains Microsoft's quot;Core Fonts for the Webquot; as well as a script to extract and install the fonts, making them available to the X font server. Once the script has been run, the fonts should be available for use.

Msttcorefonts - Install Microsoft Truetype Fonts

SOURCE: The official source for the package is However using the information provided there will require installing xfs (font server) which Fedora 8 removed. Hence I am using the SPEC file provided on the Fedora-devel mailing list. NOTE the package name did change. You have to build the RPM using the chosen SPEC file.

Anion3 - ion3 fork

anion3 - tiling window manager based on ion3+. Project is deprecated, probably you should use notion DONE: - riot tool updated to build with ghc 6.12.1 - integrated user contributed scripts - integrated mod_xrandr, mod_xinerama, mod_xkb - integrated documentation - Xft TODO: - add config variable to switch off frame_get_max_width_and_elastic() - Use Xft and corefonts at the same time - fix build deps to support parallel make (make -j2+) - add doxygen documentation - do TODO.riot from source tree

Ioc - Roguelike where you control the pet not the adventurer.

RoguelikeGame featuring mind control, a smell system and pet/master control mechanics. Graphical version and traditional ASCII version available. This game was a entrant for the 2011 7DRL competition. Inspired by Warhammer and Nethack. FeedbackI really enjoyed this! One of the highlights among this year's crop. -Ido Yehieli (Cardinal Quest) IssuesPlease give me feedback on all bugs/ideas/improvements on the game. You can email me directly or use the Issues tab above. Cheers and Thanks a lot. Scr

chef-msttcorefonts - chef cookbook that installs Microsoft corefonts

chef cookbook that installs Microsoft corefonts