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Corbie is a full text information retrieval system written in Java and licensed under the LGPL.



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S5230wallpapercreator - Wallpaper Creator for Samsung S5230 phone

Опи�ание на Ру��ком �зыке Descrição do projeto em Português Opis projektu w języku Polskim Q: How to make wallpapers for Samsung S5230, S5600, S3650 and etc phones? A: Combine 3 image in to 1. Wallpaper Creator for Samsung's phoneThe application designed to simplify creating wallpaper for Samsung S5230, S5600, S3650 and etc phones. All that you need is to pick the three graphic file and click "Save Wallpaper". My Favorite Wallpapers for Samsung S5230 phone How to useSte

Snippet-manager - Simple code snippet manager created using Java and Swing.

Simple code snippet manager created using Java and Swing. The idea of the app is to be used on presentations when you need to paste all kind of snippets ( html,xaml, C#, java ). The similar tool is used by Karen Corby in MIX09 presentation about creating silverlight controls.

Samsung-gts5603-wallpaper-creator - Samsung Star 3G (GT-S5603) Wallpaper Creator Utility

This small tool creates wallpaper of Samsung Star 3G (GT-S5603) mobile phone. This tool accepts three 240x320 wallpapers at a time and creates a wallpaper for the phone. This tool has following features: 1. You can drag-drop images into it. 2. This tool checks for the image dimension - 240x320 3. You can preview the wallpaper before saving. 4. This tool generates wallpaper in JPEG as well as PNG format. Find more info at . NOTE : Using Advanced Installer for Windows Inst