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CORBA::omniORB is a Perl interface to the omniORB ORB. It was originally based on CORBA::MICO, and shares with it the feature of being completely dynamic, making it unnecessary to pregenerate quot;stubsquot; or quot;skeletonsquot;



Related Projects


omniORB is a CORBA object request broker for C++ and Python. It is very fast, robust, and standards-compliant.


omniNotify is a robust, scalable implementation of the CORBA Notification Service for omniORB.


omniEvents is an implementation of the OMG Event Services Specification v1.1 for omniORB, a CORBA Object Request Broker for C++ and Python.

Rborb - omniORB bindings for ruby

A corba imp for RUBY based on omniORB


omniifr is an Interface Repository for omniORB, a CORBA Object Request Broker for C++ and Python. The CORBA Interface Repository stores information about the types and interfaces used in a CORBA system, so they may be queried dynamically at run-time.


Minos is a lightweight, portable implementation of the OMG CORBA Notification Service written in C++. It can be built with omniORB, TAO, MICO and ORBacus.

Openengineer - Open source CAD software framework

The idea behind open-engineer is to be an extensible software framework providing all the basic functionality needed by any CAD software. Some CAD workspace will also be developed as part of this project, but major focus will be on developing a truly extensible, easy to use framework. Currently, the idea is to develop CORBA compliant components like - OEGK, OEVK, OEMK. OEGK refers to Open Engineer Geometry Kernel. OEVK refers to Open Engineer Visualization Kernel. OEMK refers to Open Engineer Ma

Incub - 3D simulator for experiments in developmental robotics

Incub is a robot simulator intended for conducting experiments on robot learning and development. It can simulate robots with sensors and motors in a three-dimensional world. News2008-03-06: Finally some documentation describing structure of Incub input files is available. 2008-03-05: Incub 0.4.0 is out with added support for several new Material parameters (friction, resilience, damping) and fixed bugs in ball joints connected to still entities. 2008-02-26: Incub 0.3.1 is out - at last with aut


omniORB is a robust high performance CORBA ORB for C++ and Python

CORBA_MONGO - omniORB integrado com MongoDB

omniORB integrado com MongoDB