Cracks of Reality

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Cracks of Reality is a high-quality fractal image renderer for Mac OS X. It is written in ObjC/Cocoa with the core engine in C to allow for a portable command-line version. Goals are speed, quality, and the ability to import other programs' descriptions.



Related Projects


Providing an up to date implementations of Annex E (Distributed Systems) of the ISO standard ISO/IEC 8652:1995/COR1:2000 for GNAT.

Memos Solvers

An extensible solver for timetabling problems. Written in C++ using ILOG Concert and CPLEX. Provides solutions with lower bounds. Described in the paper quot;Decomposition, Reformulation, and Diving in University Course Timetablingquot;, DOI 10.1016/j.cor.2009

Mars-encor - EnCor

EnCor is an Enterprise Application container based on dotnet2.0 and C#. It also has base modules just like authentication/authorization abstraction and engine to host custom module. Features of EnCor , see Modules.

Jsmvpc - JavaScript Model View Presenter Controller Framework

This is a very simple to use "makes sense" framework for creating Javascript / AJAX / Single Page Applications. It is built on top of JQuery and was inspired by Ben Nadels CorMVC. It but was remodelled to try and follow the pattern Google has been using with Google Web Toolkit (MVP) pattern and includes a basic Server-Side Java framework (optional).

Pymaster-mind - PyMaster Mind

- Jogo para 2 jogadores. (Desafiante e Desafiador) -Objetivo: O desafiante deve descobrir a sequência certa das cores dos pinos criada pelo desafiador(que pode ser o computador). - A cada tentativa o desafiador coloca(ao lado) pinos para dizer que acertou cor e lugar e pinos que acertou só a cor.

COR - a SiteBuilder tool

COR, Controls On the Right, builds on ASP.NET 2.0 to provide browser based Web site creation and maintence (Website builder). COR functionality is similar to SharePoint; however COR uses ASP.NET Web Parts.

Unhosted - The Unhosted Project

A protocol stack for Personal Data Freedom. The protocols in the stack are: Webfinger OAuth2-cs Webdav CORS e2ee The effect of combining these into is a storage node, controlled by the user, but available from AJAX. Web apps no longer have to store user data, they just store it on the user's unhosted account. To know more and to download the reference implementation, see

Cor-autopilot - ground station software to turn an Ardupilot into a fully-fledged autopilot

Base station software intended to communicate with an autopilot A complete project should include: - Fully definable and editable waypoints - Ability to take pictures - Ability to return to launch - Readout of the plane's current position and velocity - Support for video feedback from the plane

My-scor - SCORE

Scala Chain Of REsponsibility pattern implementorSCORE (Scala Chain Of REsponsibility) is an COR implementor. This framework leverages the Structural typing capabilities of the Scala. Iam working on the other full implementation more details will be posted very soon.

WAF - Wholehouse Automation Framework

The WAF project is a set of .NET libraries and applications for whole house automation. The focus (initially) is on whole house audio distribution. Some of the devices we will support are the Audiotron, Kustom, Ocelot, Omni, and CorAccess.